Cancel License, expel Corrupt Nephrologist Hemant Mehta, Prashant Rajput who killed my Mom

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If you believe that it’s a crime to kill a harmless patient and destroy the family life of people that are left behind for the sake of money, then I request you to sign this petition. Crimes are not only committed by local thugs but also by educated, corrupt doctors. In fact, they are fearless in committing medical negligence, dupe the patient for money as the entire hospital/workforce and the so called governing body – medical council, tries to shield these doctors and there is nothing that a common man can do.

Based on RTI findings, there are many states in which not even a single doctors license has so far been cancelled for medical negligence & corruption. The few cases where a license has been cancelled (only for a temporary period) can be counted on fingers. At the same time, every other day we encounter horrific tales of patients who have lost their eyesight, New-borns, limbs and many times even their closed one’s life because of gross negligence & corruption of hospital's and doctor's. So Doctor’s know that they can be corrupt, negligent and eventually kill someone for their greed and nothing will happen to them.

Similarly, my mother was killed because of negligence and corrupt intentions of Dr. Hemant Mehta and Dr. Prashant Rajput of Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai. These doctors are killing patients in broad daylight because of their negligence and corrupt attitude. I wish that the licenses of these two doctors are cancelled, so that no more patients and their family undergo the problems that we did. 

My mother has been a kidney patient for many years. During the course of her illness we shifted to Mumbai. Hemant Mehta is a famous nephrologist in Mumbai; he visits multiple hospitals and also runs his own practice. It seems that the more money he earns, the greedier he gets. The first suspicious behaviour that we encountered was when he forced us to buy Erythropoietin injections only from a particular agent. These injections are costly injections, used to increase haemoglobin level in Kidney patients. A result of taking these injections from Hemant Mehta’s agent was a reduction in haemoglobin level in monthly blood reports as compared to that when taken from a proper pharmacy shop.

Hemant Mehta also operated my mother for Peritoneal Dialysis, an operation done to fit a catheter in patient’s stomach. He operated such that the stomach started bleeding in one week’s time. My mother was admitted in ICU and there were X-Rays taken to diagnose the problem. When we tried to find out the reason of this issue from other doctors, it was told to us that the operation was done negligently and the catheter was not fixed properly in my mother’s stomach. When we tried to get the old X-Rays from the X-Ray department, we were told that the X-ray’s have been misplaced. The operation was done in such a way that my mother’s peritoneum was damaged and she could never be able to get back on peritoneal dialysis procedure.  The only recourse left was to operate my mother for Hemodialysis procedure for which she had to visit the hospital thrice a week for the rest of her life. For her every visit to the hospital, Hemant Mehta would get paid, it was only in his interest to damage my mother’s peritoneum.

After few years, my mother was called for kidney transplant by the hospital. It was Prashant Rajput, who advised us to go for transplant saying that the success rate of kidney transplant is 99%. Even if the transplant fails, he told that my mother can again return back to Hemodialysis. One night we got a call, saying that a kidney was available from a 28-29 year old boy who died from an accident. The kidney transplant was not successful and my mother was again admitted in ICU. After 1 or 2 days, when we tried to inquire the reason of failure of transplant, a junior doctor told us that the kidney that was transplanted was infected and proper matching of kidney was not carried out. Later when we confronted Prashant Rajput, he instead told us that my mother already had an infection (Malaria and Pneumonia), which was a white lie as my mother was very well before the operation. Because of all this, my mother died a painful death and we could just watch and cry!