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Assaulting a psychiatric patient by doctors.

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Respected Sir/Madam,


            This is Md Minhajuddin Khateeb, who is the cousin of the Victim (Niyajuddin), and I would like through light and pelt in forth on the incident that took place on July 8th 2017 at around 12:30 pm to 1:45 pm.


            My Cousin (Niyajuddin), who is a Psychiatric patient of Dr. Mohammed Irfan Mahagavi, who is the Psychiatric Physician at the Bahmani Hospital and is also a government servant, who serves as a Doctor  at District Government Hospital, Gulbarga, Kalaburagi District, Karnataka.


            On April 6th 2017, my cousin (Niyajuddin) attempted a suicide due to his wife’s mental torture, but fortunately we have saved his life by taking him to the Hospital at the right time, and since that incident, he is following up with Dr. Mohammed Irfan Mahagavi (Psychiatrist).


            On the day of incident (July 8th, 2017), Niyajuddin had his followup appointment with Dr. Mohammed Irfan Mahagavi.  While waiting for his followup appointment in the hospital, there was an old woman, who was accompanied by her husband, the old lady was imbalance on her feet and her husband was aiding her. Seeing the old couple in a state of imbalance, Niyajuddin went forward to assist the couple.  With his assistance, they were moving towards the doctor’s chamber and collided with the on-duty male nurse (Rafeeq) and lost the balance, and again with the assistance of her husband and Niyajuddin, she was stabilized.  After the collision, the woman asked the male nurse (Rafeeq) to walk consciously.  The male nurse angrily replied “ I am on duty and you should be cautious before wandering in the hospital”.  By listening to harsh comment and unethical behavior towards the patient, Niyajuddin insisted the male nurse to be gentle and show respect towards the patients, especially elders.


            The male nurse again replied to Niyajuddin by saying, who are you to command on me and not to interfere in hospital matters and stay away for you betterment. Later, the argument turned in a verbal spat and then turned into an ugly altercation.


            Later, Niyajuddin dropped the couple to the doctor’s chamber and sat for his turn.  The male nurse “Rafeeq” went to Dr. Ibrahim (Orthopedic Surgeon) also works as Government Servant as an HOD at Gulbarga Institute of Medical Science (GIMS), Kalaburagi District, Govt. of Karnataka, Syed Minhajullah Hussaini (Hospital Administrator), and they had a chat along with some other staff members.


            After the discussion, Dr. Ibrahim came to Niyajuddin and asked him to leave the hospital premises and not to enter again. When Niyajuddin told that he is a patient of Dr. Mohammed Irfan Mahagavi and is here for the followup and told the incident and misbehavior of the staff nurse towards their own patient and to probe male nurse to seek truth. Dr. Ibrahim angrily and adamantly refused his requests and started pushing him out of the hospital by shouting in an abusive manner, which I cannot quote here in the document being a civilized citizen.


            At the time of Niyajuddin being pushed out of the hospital by hitting him on his back by the staff (Dr. Ibrahim, Syed Minhajullah Hussaini, Rafeeq and others), Dr. Mohammed Irfan Mahagavi asked the staff to stop pushing Niyajuddin and asked Dr. Ibrahim to take Niyajuddin to his cabin so that the Niyajuddin will be moved away from the surveillance cameras installed in the hospital as they were well aware of the location of the cameras.  Inside the cabin, they started abusing Niyajuddin by using filthy language and beaten him by saying that no matter if you are patient of mine or a psychiatric patient, we are not going to treat you here anymore, and if you still want us to treat you, we have a different therapy for you wherein you will have to go out of the hospital by lying on the stretcher with broken bones.  If you dare to be sighted again near the hospital, we will not only break you bones, but also we will make sure that you will be buried in the graveyard, and thrown out of the hospital by again beating him.


            After being beaten up and thrown out of the hospital, Niyajuddin called his younger brothers Riyazuddin (Senior Engineer in MNC) and Shahbazuddin (Diploma Civil Engineer).


After a phone call, Riyazuddin along with his friend, Patel Azharuddin (B.E, Mechanical Engineer), arrived at the hospital and Shahbazuddin also arrived at the same location.


            After Niyajuddin and his brothers gathered, the passerby also gathered at the same time out of curiosity. In presence of Niyajuddin’s brothers, Niyajuddin pointed out the male nurse with whom he had a verbal spat.  By seeing Niyajuddin pointing at the male nurse, they all (Dr. Ibrahim, Dr. Mohammed Irfan Mahagavi, Syed Minhajullah Hussaini, Rafeeq, Wasi and others) again started using abusive language and this time they were even worse with their words and actions in presence of their supporters (Rowdies). They lost their tamper completely to a point where they were ready to fight with each and every one whether they involved or not.


Riyazuddin and his friend, Patel Azharuddin, handled the situation by sending Niyajuddin out of the hospital.  After Niyajuddin stepped out of the premises, the situation was a bit under control. Riyazuddin, Patel Azharuddin, and Shahbazuddin also went outside the hospital.


While discussing with other people standing outside the hospital about the incident, Dr. Mohammed Irfan Mahagavi called Riyazuddin and his friend Patel Azharuddin into his cabin and asked them to sit and asked that whether you (Riyazuddin) is aware that your brother is under my treatment for 4 months now and Riyazuddin acknowledge understanding on the same.


After silently acknowledging to Dr. Mohammed Irfan Mahagavi statement, Dr. Irfan’s anger suddenly rose up so high that he again started abusing by saying if you are aware that your brother is a mental patient then why the hell have you come here and this is  a final warning to you and to your mental brothers, and in the middle of the verbal spat all of a sudden, Dr. Ibrahim came to Riyazuddin shouting that I will beat the shit out of you and drag you at the center of the road and again beat you to death.


By hearing such unethical and unprofessional words from the doctors, Riyazuddin said if this is what you are for let’s take it outside the hospital, so that the people also will come to know the way you treat patients and this will show professionalism.  Then, Dr. Ibrahim along with Sadiq Ali Deshmukh, Wasi, Rafeeq, and other supporters started beating.  Riyazuddin, shahbazuddin, and Patel Azharuddin started defending themselves.  In the altercation, Dr. Ibrahim with his hammer (Instrument) tried to hit Shahbazuddin’s head.  While defending himself, Shahbazudding covered his face with his right hand and got hit on the right hand and his first metacarpal joint was fractured and the fracture is still in the process of healing with the cast on it.


Seeing Riyazuddin and other beaten up, Niyajuddin called and informed the Police control room. During the whole incident, I have been called many a times by Riyazuddin and Shahbazuddin.


Since I work in night shift for the US Process (Boston Massachusetts), I was asleep and missed many calls, and when I got to know about the incident, I immediately rushed to the hospital where I found Imtiyaz Siddiqui (Social Activist), Mehboob Patel, MRL, Assistant Sub Inspector of Police Saleem (Brahmapur Police Station), Dr. Mohammed Irfan Mahagavi, Dr. Ibrahim, Dr. Asif Kamthan, Riyazuddin, Patel Azharuddin, and others were sitting and discussing for the things to be settled down.


I only asked Dr. Mohammed Irfan Mahagavi that is this the ethic that you work with, is this your professionalism to treat a psychiatric patient (I was not even addressing Dr. Ibrahim since he is irrelevant to me and my cousin Niyajuddin), Dr. Ibrahim started shouting at me as well saying who the hell are you to teach work ethics, I know my professionalism and I know how to deal with psychopaths like you and your brothers, and Dr. Ibrahim again by using filthy language asked “come out and I will show you what my professionalism is by beating you.”


I stayed inside the cabin hardly for a minute or 2.  I was sent out by Imtiyaz Siddiqui and others stating that the matter will be sorted out and they will take care of the matter and by trusting them we came back home.  My Cousin Shahbazuddin started complaining of pain in the right hand, he was having severe pain in his right hand, and then next day, we took Shahbazuddin to the District Government Hospital, Kalaburagi for the treatment where he underwent an x-ray examination, which revealed his right hand metacarpal joint to be fractured and we called the police and booked a criminal case against the doctors and others in Brahmapur Police Station, Kalaburagi.


  The Crime details are as follows:  The Crime no. 201/2017, U/s 143, 147, 148, 149, 323, 324, 504 and 506 of IPC.


Later we came to know that we also have been booked in a false case registered by Dr. Ibrahim with the help of his influential sources.


The whole event has been captured by the cameras at the Hospital, which I believe is still present with the hospital authority if they intentionally have not deleted it.  The CCTV footage is the proof for me and my brothers’ innocence.


We have also filed an RTI Application on July 11th 2017 requesting the Police Department to provide a copy of CCTV footage, which has not yet been produced to the concerned Police Station.  At the same time, we request you to see the CCTV footage completely so that you will get to know what the reality is.


I have been booked under a false case whereas I have arrived at the last moment of the whole incident in presence of the policeman (ASI Saleem, Brahmapur PS).


With that being said, you can also watch the whole CCTV footage in which, I am present in nowhere except at the end of the matter for hardly 5 to 10 minutes.


We belong to a family wherein every one of us is well educated. This is not the first time where they have shown their influence in the form of rowdism. You can enquire with neighbors surrounded to the hospital.


Hence, my humble request to The Hon'ble President of India to look into this matter and take the strong action against the guilty doctors and staff, who are involved in the crime, and accept the below mentioned request.


1. I request you to suspend both the doctors, Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Mohammed Irfan Mahagavi, with immediate effect from their post as a public servant as Dr. Mohammed Irfan Mahagavi is working in District Government Hospital Kalaburagi District and Dr. Ibrahim, who is also working as HOD of Orthopedic Dept. in Gulbarga Institute of Medical Science (GIMS), Govt. of Karnataka and record this crime details in their Service Book.


2. I also request The Hon'ble President of India, New Delhi to cancel their Degree Registration for a maximum period because they have violated the human rights, which is very unethical, and on top of that they have assaulted and beaten up the psychiatric patient, who needs immense care in the treatment. 


3. I am also requesting you to B Final the false case registered against us by Dr. Ibrahim.


4. Also please Initiate Disciplinary Action & take other necessary action as per the suitable laws.


We strongly believe that you will take the necessary action on priority and bring us the justice.



Victim Details:

Name: Niyajuddin (Psychiatric Patient)

Age: 31 yrs., Qualification: M.Sc. (IT),

Occupation: Lecturer in KGTTI, Govt. of Karnataka.

Caste: Muslim, Incident Date: 8th July 2017.

Incident Place Address: Bahmani Hospital, Hafth Gumbad Road, Gulbarga-585104, Kalaburagi, Karnataka.

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