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Petitioning Medical Board of California (MBC)

End cease and desist on Every Body Cleansing Studio. Overturn MBC action.

The bullying by the state medical boards will set a precedent that they can go into any alternative health care setting and say that they don't care what the law says, and proceed to shut down locally owned small businesses. As of September 2002, there was a Senate Bill passed (SB-577) with a set of guidelines, called the State of California Guidelines (as part of the state’s Business and Professions Code), which allows complementary and alternative health care practitioners the right to market and practice in their businesses as long as they follow the guidelines. This non-exclusive provision technically and legally allows people like the Bairds to also practice colon hydrotherapy, despite what MBC claims. Even though Stephen and Shea followed these guidelines, they were told by the MBC Investigator that the medical board doesn’t care about SB-577.

After 12 years of practicing Colon Hydrotherapy and having 2000 satisfied clients, Medical Board of California (MBC) and the investigator Dennis Scully shut down Shea Baird and her husband Stephen Barlow's, Every Body Cleansing studio, after zero investigation. One lawyer told Shea, that it looks like the Medical Board is using them as a test case. They might wait to see if they go down easy then they will attempt to shut down more colon therapists and other alternative health care practitioners in California.

In one motion of a pen, Shea and Stephen’s lively hood was stolen from them by the state of California and the pharmaceutically driven medical board. If you are in this industry of providing complementary medical care, this could be you, too.

I know Shea Lynn Baird personally. She is the consummate professional who has a passion and talents for helping people gain health and wellness. Her facilities were pristine and she is a conservative and respectful practitioner. She is one of the most caring and authentic health care professionals I have ever had the honor of knowing.

Go to the website below, and get involved. Corporate run medical boards should not have the power to subvert the law and shut down lawfully abiding small business natural healthcare practitioners.

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