MedibanK to follow Bupa and allow payment Gastric Electrical Stimulator for Gastroparesis

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I am a gastroparesis patient with Scleroderma and 15 other autoimmune conditions.My stomach is affecting my quality of life so much, I am really nearly bed ridden.I have trialled the temporary stimulator and it WORKS I am so excited to feel better.I do have medibank but they dont cover this Enterra device.If it could be covered  people like me with gastroparesis could get relief as soon as possible.My functioning is dependent on having my stomach peristalsis back to some movement.My whole gi tract is affected with fibrosis and its hard to eat and digest and the rest.My family would be able to see me again at functions or even just for a coffee.I only have the morning to get things done then I am bed ridden.I have been lucky enough to get help from a small amt of funds put aside by medicare.My doctor has seen my pain and suffering and assisted in this source of help for me.I am truly blessed and so grateful but still want to continue this Petition to Medibank hoping to change the lives of others like myself with this dreadful disease.Love and light Margie