Renew New Zealand Today for S2

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New Zealand Today hosted by absolute Kiwi legend Guy Williams was cancelled today after 1 season. This is a travesty for many reasons.

The appeal of NZT is all in the people that Guy meets in his travels eg: The Ukelady, Karen, and of course Josh & Isaac from Marton. No Season 2 means that we won’t be able to meet anymore of these people from towns across NZ.

NZT is one of if not the funniest homegrown program that we have had on our screens for a long time and it would be a shame to cancel this show over reality TV shows such as Dancing With The ‘Stars’, The Bachelor & Married At First Sight. Finally we have genuinely funny homegrown content that gives the JAFAs a view into small town Kiwi life and it gets canned after 1 season. Instead of watching mascot races, ukebombs and debt collection agencies, we’ll be subjected to wannabe influencers fighting over a guy. 

MediaWorks, uncancel New Zealand Today or you’re gonna get 20 f**king whacks!

James & Noah