Renew the show "Code Lyoko" for a continuation of the franchise

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Code Lyoko was a very enjoyable and unique cartoon, produced in France by the now-defunct Antefilms Productions/MoonScoop Group, that was able to blend 2D and 3D animation, yet it was badly underrated at the time of its TV run. As of today, ten years after the main show's finale, it has a massive underground following on the internet.

There are countless unanswered questions that have stemmed throughout the series, mainly concerning the mysterious character, Franz Hopper, the secret government program, known as "Project: Carthage", and the backstory of one of the major characters, Aelita Schaeffer. Not only that, but the finale of the spinoff, Code Lyoko: Evolution, left viewers on a cliffhanger, and did not resolve any of the above with the answers we have wanted. Also, Evolution has many inconsistencies, supposedly due to the developers never watching the original show.

The show definitely has a fighting chance if it is to be renewed for a continuation of the series, or even a sixth season. It would be nostalgic for fans of the old show, as well as potentially drawing newer, younger fans' attention. If this is to be done, it must be done in the style of the old show, with a new story that can blend elements from Evolution.

If it is done right, and the producers and writers take the time to watch the original two shows before working on a new canon series, there is a very good chance that it will become even bigger and more well-known than the original, and may potentially be one of the biggest cartoons on modern television.

All we need is for loyal fans to agree upon this, and show that they are dedicated to see this show back for more action, plot twists, secrets to be revealed, and a genuinely-satisfying ending. If you care about Code Lyoko, please sign and share with as many other fans as possible!