Mediatoon Distribution: Renew Code Lyoko for Season 5 of the Original Cartoon Series

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For those of us who remember the time when we first watched Code Lyoko as a childhood, we noticed that nothing new has happened to our favorite show since it last aired. At the time between seasons two through four, many of us were willing to buy the Code Lyoko license, but this never ended when the last seven episodes of the CL's were sent straight to online because of a "trade dispute."

After the series has ended on Cartoon Network, many us thought that the series would get a continuation, when the MoonScoop Group’s Facebook account has announced that the show would return for the fifth season, due to a large dedicated fanbase. Unfortunately, we were trick into having an incomplete sequel reboot, known as Code Lyoko: Evolution, which replaces 2D cartoon with live-action for the real world. Because of this surprise, the reason why it flopped is that the Evolution writers have never watched the original series.

Today, we are still hoping to get a continuation because we still need answers to the several questions that are left unanswered after the first four seasons. If we want to extend the series, we need to make sure that the continuation must be made by the writers who watched and loved the original series and respect the characters and give some development to both the main and background ones have given that we already have their first and last names. More importantly, we need to have Netflix, Amazon, or even YouTube to pick up the rights for future seasons and episodes.

We cannot afford to do any more sequels to Evolution or a rebooting the show because it is certain that neither will ever look the same as the original series. So, all we want is a complete 2D/3D cartoon continuation of the original Code Lyoko with the start of the real fifth season to resolve the lore of the series:

  • The Details of Project Carthage
  • The Reason Why Hopper Wished to Destroy Project Carthage
  • The Disappearance of Anthea Hopper (Aelita's Mother)
  • The Respective Pasts of Franz and Aelita

This dedicated petition is an effort to make the real continuation of our favorite show to get the final answers that we deserve for not only the today's generation of kids but to those of us who are now teenagers and younger adults.

Friendly Update: One of the voice actors, named Jodi Forrest who played Sissi and Ms. Hurtz recently past away. I know that she will be missed, but not forgotten, but If we want to hire new voice actors for the existing characters to participate in a continuation, we have got to make sure that they must watch the original series to show some respect.

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