Bring Soy Milk to All Tim Hortons Locations

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Help us spark the movement to bring soy milk options to ALL Tim Hortons Western New York locations.

When we pulled up to a drive thru recently in the north towns to get basic black coffees, we saw an "Enjoy it with Soy" sign on the menu. We cautiously ordered an iced capp made with soy milk and to our surprise the answer was YES. Before going vegan, our favorite treat on Saturday mornings were Tim Horton's iced caps so you could imagine our anticipation after not having one in 8 months.

Before indulging, we were both was cautiously optimistic. But our doubts of unknown consistency and taste completely disappeared after the first sip. To our delight, it was better than expected and not only were we pleasantly surprised but we think it actually improves the original iconic recipe.

After further research, we have found that they offer this dairy-free option in all 4500 locations in Canada. The company has already expanded soy milk to a handful of locations in our area. We called the Tim Horton's in WNY and have compiled a list below of the locations currently offering soy milk.

Next time you stop by Tims, look for the “Enjoy it with Soy” sign! If your favorite location does not offer it, be sure to ask. Since this is available at participating locations, the more they hear from customers who want soy milk, the more likely you’ll start seeing it on the menu. Please sign our petition so we can continue this movement. Whether you're vegan, lactose intolerant or simply want to make your coffee healthier, give soy milk a try.

Regular vs. Soy Milk Iced Capp Nutritional Information 

                   Regular Iced Capp        Soy Milk Iced Capp
Calories                 310                               187
Fat                         16g                                1g
Saturated Fat        10g                               0.2g
Carbs                    40g                                41g
Protein                    3g                                2.4g
Calcium                  8%                               11%
Iron                         2%                               4%


Tim Horton's Currently Offering Soy Milk:

1555 N. French Rd. Getzville, NY

2290 Millersport Hwy. Getzville, NY

1540 Maple Rd. Williamsville, NY

870 Maple Rd. Williamsville, NY

2760 Niagara Falls Blvd. Tonawanda, NY

2190 Niagara Falls Blvd. Tonawanda, NY

2631 Sheridan Dr. Tonawanda, NY

1235 Colvin Blvd. Tonawanda, NY

1930 Colvin Blvd. Tonawanda, NY

849 Young St. Tonawanda, NY

748 Niagara Falls Blvd. North Tonawanda, NY

4265 Maple Rd. Buffalo, NY

1777 Sheridan Dr. Buffalo, NY

1705 Niagara Falls Blvd. Amherst, NY

1950 Sweet Home Rd. Amherst, NY


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