Masterchef Singapore should be in English

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Singapore is a multicultural, multiracial country with English as its official medium to unite all races. Why is Masterchef Singapore, a program representing the country, being planned in Mandarin? This would serve to segregate and alienate non-mandarin speaking people in Singapore (including Chinese families that do not speak mandarin) from this much loved show. If the program is switched to English, the need for translation would be greatly reduced as a huge percentage of the contenders (of all races) would be fluent in English. English language has been used as the main medium in schools post 1965. I hope fellow Singaporeans who feel strongly about this matter will sign this petition to show Mediacorp that Singaporeans would prefer this program to be in English. Failing which, I think the program should be boycotted for being non inclusive and potentially affecting our fragile racial fabric. Food is, and remains, a passion for ALL Singaporeans!