Give Andrew Wakefield the measles

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Andrew Wakefield is a disgraced and discredited "Doctor" who misleads the public to further his own gain,, and has personally overseen the return of measles in the modern day in the first world when it was formerly eradicated. Also his implying that a diseased child is better than an autistic one is thinly veiled ableist rhetoric, I have made this petition to let him know that his rhetoric is unwelcome and his ideas are dangerous.


Andrew Wakefield after being discredited has continued his bogus crusade, and now measles is now spreading in Europe thanks to his propaganda and nonsense.


We can't give Andrew Wakefield measles, but we can at least let him know that the majority of sane people who believe in the miracle of western medicine are against him, and that's still not even close to the plague he's spreading, but it's a start.


Sign, share with your friends, upset your antivaxxer aunt on facebook, whatever. Let's do this.