Media transparency concerning the 5G rollout in the NSW Blue Mountains

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Petition to Damian Madigan Editor of the Gazette and the Gazette owners, Channel 9.

A search for the Truth

Incompetent  Journalism at Best, Biased and Manipulative Journalism at Worst.

Despite the US Governments National Toxicology Program recently finding  a definite link between high doses 2 and 3G radiation and cancer and hundreds of Doctors, Scientists and other Professionals petitioning governments to stop installing 5G until conclusive research is done, Governments at this stage are insisting on accelerated installation of 5G based on their corporate advisory protocols.

Despite mounting evidence (which can be found with a cursory google search)  bees, birds and insects are affected negatively by the increasing amount of   EMF radiation and despite various Government politicians  speaking  out, Governments at this stage are insisting on installing 5G

Based on what is happening overseas in trial areas, 5G is to be approximately installed every 150-200m in residential areas. The most vulnerable members of our society such as children, homeless, the frail and elderly will be particularly vulnerable to 5G although there is clearly no living thing which is not being adversely affected.

Recently the Gazette published a story about Community concerns regarding 5G following a Tuesday evening  council chamber turnout of approx.80 concerned local residents. The article also included four paragraphs (approximately 40% of the article size) to a report refuting  any relationship between cell phones and increased brain cancers. This report has been criticized and some would say even discredited.  We believe this in effect created the impression in readers minds to discredit genuine concerns about 5G.

If this is found to be true, then ‘our’ Gazette, will not escape the ‘existential’ threat of mass discreditation by way of public exposure of this and any other deceitful practices.

The Gazette have indicated that they quoted this source to provide a balanced perspective. However on closer examination  this evidently is not the case.

The Gazette often reports on other community concerns however unlike the 5G article, curiously,  does not provide  expert or indeed any alternative position. Why? Areas noted recently include coverage by the Gazette of community action relating to the Raising of Warragamba Dam, Climate Change and the Badgerys Creek  Airport where there was no alternate position presented, unlike their coverage of the 5G protests.

The 5G article included approx 40% of its content quoting what, on further research, is a somewhat questionable study. Mr Chapman stated that no group provided any funding. Mr Chapman has previously undertaken studies funded by the Telecommunications Industry. In addition, Mr Chapman, whilst conducting studies relating to matters of a scientific nature, completed his undergraduate studies and Honors in Sociology and therefore he may not be regarded by some as a subject matter expert. There are many highly qualified Scientists raising concerns about 5G which the Gazette chose not to refer to.

Mr Chapman in question does not reside in the Blue Mountains and likely has little or no connection to the Local Community so one may ask why the Gazette choose to quote him to reflect a balance to legitimate local community members and chose to ignore prominent experts like Australian Dr Charlie Teo, Neurosurgeon, who speaks about the dangers of wireless radiation and in particular cell phones, in effect contradicting the position of Mr Chapman in the Gazette article (Just google Dr Charlie Teo 5G or watch the enclosed video)

We ask why did the Gazette not quote from a local source to balance local protests if indeed it wished to represent a differing position?

Despite requests to the Gazette to either remove the  quote from this dubious source, or provide an equivalent quote from an anti 5g authority, the Gazette did neither and instead, choose to publish the article in the hard copy Gazette.

We demand the owners of the Gazette, and the Editor of the Gazette, to acknowledge the inappropriate and biased coverage and to commit to ensuring any  future coverage of any 5g event or other Community Action is well researched and balanced. We will settle for nothing short of honest and integral reporting of our community affairs…..which is obviously a necessary requirement to make informed decisions.

In a local community, a relationship of Trust is critical between the local paper and the Community and the Gazette only survives due to the goodwill of the local people. Behavior like this biased and unbalanced reporting does not respect this relationship.

We all have a connection to Family, whether it be children, brothers and sisters, parents, grandparents. It is important for all Community members to look at the available research to see the increasing evidence that 5g may be highly harmful not only to us as individuals, but to those we care about and the Community we live in. Please do your own research and form an opinion based on fact.

Below are various sources from Professional Bodies, Scientists, Doctors and Politicians that are raising serious concerns about the installation of 5G.

  • On 1 Nov 2018, A United States Govt Body, the National Toxicology Program, after a ten year and 30 million dollar extensive research project, found a definite relationship between high use cell phone radiation and cancerous tumors.


  • United States-Dr Martin Pall, Professor of Biochemistry & Basic Medical Science, Washington State University

Australian Neurosurgeon Dr Charlie Teo with Dr Devra Davis

  • 180 Scientists And Doctors Demand Moratorium On 5G Warning Of Health Effects

  • Dr Devra Davis , President Environmental Health Trust and part of the Clinton Administration

  • Dr Sharon Goldberg, testifying to Michigan legislature about the danger of Wireless radiation

  • Wireless Radiation Health Effects: Prof. Olle Johannson, Neuroscientist Danish Parliament hearing

Politicians and United Nations staff speaking out:

The UN Secretary General being asked to stop wifi and 5G in the United Nations. His response could be regarded as quite humorous.

US politicians (both Republican and Democrat) are  beginning to speak out (the US rollout is already happening)

US Senator Blumenthal raising concerns about there being no research to prove that 5g is safe (as well as FCC being investigated for the way it has fast tracked 5g)

A school with a 4G tower installed resulting in 8 children and teachers having various cancers
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