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Petitioning Secretary Press Council of India and 3 others

Media: Stop using nudity, commodification of women to sell your news

While Media is the first one to jump the gun and paint people and politicians for insulting women, it is this media which is first in the queue to publish nude/semi nude images or use languages that are insulting in nature. And all this goes unpunished because there are no regulatory bodies.

Letter to
Secretary Press Council of India
Minister of Information and Broadcasting Manish Tiwari
Editor's Guild of India President
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Editors All Media houses in India
Stop using nudity, commodification of women to sell your news.

It's of grave concern that reputed news websites have been flouting the norms so openly, with not an iota of moral responsibility and media ethics. Lewd content, semi and frontal nudity is something that is taken for granted on lifestyle and entertainment sections of several websites; that too without any blur.
The most recent example if this is the Periri calendar that has frontal "artistic" nudity being openly promoted by the English website of Dainik Bhaskar group. (Here is the link to one of the calenders posted online: The media house believes that they are well within the purview of law, since this is "artistic nudity". However, the images are neither blurred nor cropped and is open for easy access to children of all age group.
This is one such example. Lifestyle sections of several media houses are dependent on the sleazy lifestyle stories related to intimacy; often including images that border on the lines of soft-porn.
Under the shadow of grey areas in the law and the absence of a regulatory body for the news websites in India, media has been quite comfortable in flouting their arrogance towards the media ethics. While same actions on TV and Print publications warrant serious actions, there are no precedence of such actions being taken over websites.

This petition seeks that media houses exercise restraint and adopt more aesthetic approach towards such marketing gimmicks.

Here is what can change this:
A autonomous body (including members from online, print, and TV media) that not only reviews but also takes action against such media houses.
Stringent IT laws that define nudity in more detail rather than encapsulating it within the purview of restricting pornography.
Request editorial teams of all media houses to pull down such content and observe restrain from using such tactics to attract user clicks on the news, and show higher sense of responsibility as a media agency.