Release Journalist Matiullah Jan immediately!

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Another outspoken journalist who spoke truth to power has been “disappeared”! Media and civil society organisations must stand up and be counted. 
First they come for one. And we do nothing. Then they come for another. And we shrug and do nothing. Then they come for a third. And we wring our hands and do nothing. And so on. But when they come for us, no one will do anything. 
Journalists in Pakistan are fighting to retain hard won freedoms. But the lights are dimming rapidly. Media owners are being threatened and blackmailed to fire outspoken journalists or silence them. Hundreds have lost jobs in the economic downturn. New laws are being promulgated to curtail human rights and freedoms. Independent media is being shut down. Censorship of electronic media with continual round the clock advisories is the norm. The theme is “control and management” of the media. Those who resist lose their jobs or are roughed up or “disappeared”! 
We must sign this petition to show that we care and will not be beaten into a Naya authoritarian Pakistan!