Include Feminists & Peace Advocates When Covering Pro-Lifers

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Include Feminists & Peace Advocates When Covering Pro-Lifers

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When you cover political and legislative issues involving abortion, you often present two sides, showing the ideal of fairness in reporting. But too many times, your selection of an anti-abortion spokesperson fits stereotypes, rather than reflecting the true diversity of the pro-life movement. Feeding stereotypes is, by definition, not accurate coverage.

We are frustrated that news organizations who would never think of discriminating against women or ethnic minorities in other contexts do so with free abandon by not selecting them as spokespersons for abortion opposition. The false impression that the right-to-life movement is limited to certain types of people leaves viewers misinformed. Viewers are left without adequate information that would help them understand why the pro-life movement remains so strong – its diversity strengthens it.

Suggestions for organizations from which spokespersons could be solicited include:

Peace Advocates:

The Consistent Life Network. Contact: Rachel MacNair, 816-753-2057,

Life Matters Journal. Contact: Aimee Murphy, Executive Director, 412-627-2206,


Feminists for Life of America. Contact: President: Serrin Foster

Feminists for Nonviolent Choices. Contact: Kathy McQueen, 585-654-8887,

Feminists Choosing Life ACT (a lobbying group). Contact: Carol Crossed, 585-473-6743 or Caroline Bennett, 585-305-9547,

New Wave Feminists. Contact: Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa, 214.862.3920,

All Our Lives. Contact: Jen Roth, 

Pro-life Women’s Conference. Contact: Abby Johnson, 888-570-5501

Other Stereotype-Breaking Pro-Life Groups:

Pro-life Alliance of Gays & Lesbians. Contact: Cecilia Brown,  352-680-1153

Secular Pro-Life. Contact: Kelsey Hazzard,

And Then There Were None (former abortion clinic workers). Contact: Abby Johnson, 888-570-5501


Casting positions into a left-wing/right-wing straitjacket is a false representation of public opinion on abortion, as well as other issues; for example, see Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty and conservative anti-war groups such as the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

We ask that you select diverse viewpoints that transcend the left-wing/right-wing divide and avoid inaccurate stereotypes. This would bring more balance and thoughtfulness into public discussion of controversial issues.


Peace & Life Connections is the weekly e-newsletter of the Consistent LIfe Network and will have updates on this campaign: 


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This petition had 517 supporters

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