Nothing is impossible-Brain damage people can do Miracles

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There are many cases of head injury where the doctors find no time in saying that there are no chances of recovery, the person will remain in vegitive state for whole life.Moreover in some cases family losses hope and go for passive Euthanasia.

But i want to bring focus on a completely different miracle which doctors never expected.My mother who has been a officer in education department got such a severe brain injury that her brain's frontal left lobe completely and right was partially lost during that time.

But by attempting various methods and hardwork she has improved beyond expectations and her doctor said it to be miracle. After facing lots of hurdles and problems there was victory.

Whole world is facing such a big problems.In fact if some family members want to care their loved ones they aren't aware the ways and methods to work out.

Through my mom's story I want to share these experiences so that people who are already suffering from their destiny may find some way out of it.

I want to share her story with whole world so that such people may find some better way to live

Here complete story of Rehabilitation is as follows-

Everyone is aware of bravery of Haryana (India)girls. I am going to tell a true story of bravery of a mother and whole hearted deduction of daughter (ANALOGOUS TO SAVITRI AND SATYAVAN) of Haryana. After reading through the whole story even a hard hearted person will also understand importance, role of daughters and he will also support beti bachao.
My mom who has been very beautiful with fair complexion, very good height, attractive features, a smiling face and Class I officer in Haryana (India), like any typical Indian woman used to wear the routine ornaments i.e. bangles in her hand, a gold chain around her long neck, some attractive tops in her ears, ring in fingers; but suddenly, a completely different personality of her confronted me, the cannula, I.V. fluids had taken the place of bangles, tracheostomy had replaced the gold chain, probe of monitor in finger, many new tubes like oral pipe of ventilator, Ryles-tube (nasogastric feeding tube) in nose, urine catheter etc. were added

That day on 17 July, 2006 started normally. I saw off my mother and father for their respective offices without knowing that our life is going to change tragically and I would not be able to hear my moms voice for 3.5 years.. Suddenly at about 1.30 pm our phone rang. My brother picked the phone. He was informed that my mom got the accident and admitted to hospital. We rushed there simply imagining that there would be few bandages in my moms forehead and she would be fine otherwise and come with us within few hours. But actual scenario was shuddering. On arriving at the hospital we found that my mom was unconscious with no motor response. She got a severe head injury because of road traffic accident during her official visit to some place due to head on collision of the car with truck. The impact was so severe that two occupants of car died on the spot and another two lost their life later in hospital.
My mothers cranial CT scan reported an extensive, severe and major damage of brain. Moreover, there were fractures on neck, on right side limbs along with the fracture of left shoulder and many complications as a consequence of accident. The doctor told us she is very critical and anything could happen within 24 hrs. Many machines surrounded her like ventilator, Blood pressure and others. After nearly 2 months ventilator was weaned off, there was spontaneous eye opening but no memory and voluntary response.
Then nearly after 3.5 months she got meningitis which improved using antibiotics as suggested by my moms physician Dr. Lalitha Sekhar. Time is really a great changer. Just a few seconds of collision have changed the life of an active, happy hearted lady to a life supported by many machines.
During her stay in hospital I have travelled 10 hr daily, five hours from our city to Delhi then another five for return journey. After discussing about moms condition with doctor, seeing her, I used to meet my father. On returning home my concern was younger brothers study since he was promoting from school life to college life. The hard words, anything can happen regarding survival of my mom, be prepared” were part of my journey until 4 months but I optimistically started my journey next day by thinking that perhaps today doctor would say she is out of danger now. I have never wept in front of my father rather provided him strength morally. During her unconscious stage I used to tell her all the things I have done during the whole day. She was also made to hear recording of our family members voices, her favorite songs via ear phones on opening eyes. I ever assumed that my mom must be hearing all this, although she was physically not able to reply.
I asked my moms neurosurgeon Dr. Pranav kumar, if it would be beneficial for her? He intelligently replied it has no harm.
I didnt give any break to my studies. Rather I used to read during my 10 hr journey in bus because I believed that whenever my mom recovers she might not find herself to be responsible for any discontinuity in my study. Perhaps God has given me extra power both physically and mentally.



Thus, after so many ups and downs, struggle for life, survival, existence, fight from multiple infections, stamina for multiple surgeries and operations and with intensive monitoring along with intensive nursing care, her stay for nearly 5 months in the Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi, my mom was finally discharged in the month of December, with tracheostomy along with T-tube, urine catheter, and PEG feeding tube. Her doctor told us that it is uncertain How long! How much! head injury patient recovers as it is a matter of time.
But they always optimistically encouraged us by saying that since the very first day of admission to the day of discharge there were many miracles which may be her survival, fight against meningitis and other accident related problems.
The hospital staff taught me many things like daily care of my mom, making her home environment like ICU and told us what basic things we would need at that time etc.
A completely new chapter was added to my life. My mom was alert at that time but she was not able to speak, understand much, and walk, spastic quadriparetic present but with improved limb movements, even not able to turn herself on her own. I decided howsoever difficult the task be I would do of my best caring for my mom.
Sometimes I got disappointed because my aim was to join IAS (Indian administration Services) but life had changed the plans then an inner voice answered me, If reverse would have happened i.e. if I got the accident would my mom think like this - never. Since that day I never thought negative rather looked forward and tried new and better methods for her recovery.


Suddenly one day during her wheel chair sitting I found she started responding to sound. Whenever, she heard any sound like traffic horn etc she turned her neck towards the side of sound source. This response soon got enhanced towards multiple voices.
The saying of blessing in disguise came true when her oral feed was started as consequence of accidental ejection of PEG feeding tube which was otherwise unexpected as per her medical condition.
My day started with her morning medicine, morning exercise, cleaning her motion, sponge bath, periodic feed at the intervals of 2 hrs, dressing of peg-fed, tracheostomy, suctioning as per need etc.
Sometimes I felt too bad as why the luck had given me such a rock-strewn task of providing pain to my mom as suctioning, change of Ryles Tube, urine catheter and physiotherapy of limbs were painful. But I had to make myself somewhat tough since it was the need of the hour and much necessary till the day when all these tubes etc would be taken out.
Two months have been passed since the removal of tracheostomy in year 2008. Although gradually but certainly situation was changing for the better. It was the festival of Holi and all our neighbors were playing with colors but the destiny played a very ugly game with us. Suddenly my mom found difficulty in breathing with loud noisy breathing (stridor). I have no words to express our situation where every second was becoming alarming and raising the fear in our minds and ironically being a festival day, we were facing such a deep trouble in getting the ambulance. But finally we got it and took my mom to Apollo Hospital, New Delhi. The doctors there confirmed it to be Tracheomalacia and consequent to it tracheostomy was replaced and her life was safe.
The sounds of ambulance which were terrifying earlier had become part of our life those days. Moreover, In fact the 5 hrs travelling to Apollo hospital and my moms condition was also like a big test of life. I have to keep a bag ready for any such emergency.
Meanwhile I joined Ph.D. in organic chemistry. Although it was very difficult for me to manage all the tasks i.e. extensive lab work, my moms care, managing home, since all things needed a large contribution of time and labor.
The destiny has set another test of bearing pain for my mom. That was osteomyelitis (infection of bone) for which she was operated twice. But even after that, this started recurring after every 2-3 months, sometimes 6 months. Each time dressings, antibiotic treatment (sometimes intravenous, other times oral) were done. All this things made the reaction of life to proceed in backward direction.
But soon something good happened. Her left hand movement was improved enough to remove Ryles tube which she used to take out at night on finding everyone sleeping and putting it silently aside. The next morning her naughty surprise make us as glad as as a mother feels delighted on the pranks of her child. Every day my life was teaching me a lesson. One day I tried a new thing. I, gave a cup of tea to my mom, in her left hand. She held it instantaneously and sipped the tea in cup by her hand so fast that she will satiate the long will to take tea by her own hand in just 2 minutes
Due to routine physiotherapy and regular chair sitting, my moms back got enough strength to sit without support although initially it was for a brief duration from 2 minutes, then 10 minutes finally up to half an hour..
But the whole procedure was not as easy as it seemed. Initially my mom felt pain in back while sitting and use to cry. I tried to divert her mind by counting from 10 to 100 thus improving her mathematics as well. Similarly by letting her to pick and throw coins on ground I taught her physics.
In order to recall my moms memory I used to show her our photo albums, television, alphabet, numeric , weekdays charts and object charts, charts depecting human behavior and relations, her almirah, cloths etc. but initially attention was low and eye fixing was not gained even then, we use to show her photographs on the same side where she looked, applying the similar procedure as our maths teacher advised to memorise difficult formulae by pasting the charts in front of bed so that its very presence would assist in reminding.
Soon just like ripening of crop our labor brought fruit i.e. my mom started focusing on things and gained attention. To my great surprise, one day she pointed out by her own finger to a particular relative and started turning pages of photographs album.
The time has tided me in a new relationship with my mom and the destiny has made my mom to be a daughter of mine.
Nearly after 3 years of my mom head injury all tubes except urine catheter were removed. One day, I thought why not we expose my mom to outside world as the infection causing tubes were not there. Taking her outside on wheel chair was not practically possible, because of left frontal lobe craniotomy. So, we decided to take her outside in a car by taking a lot of care of urine catheter. This really gave good results. Initially she has to be told about places but later she herself started telling about them on their arrival
According to neurosurgeon, the chances of my mom to speak were little but I was determined to retrieve her speech. She was made to blow in to flute for activating her vocal cords. Although I was not sure about the trial but by Gods grace it went was very successful and she blew in to flute so nicely.
After nearly 4 years, on December 10, 2010 suddenly, my mom started uttering some words when I just by chance, asked her about my name, her name, our relatives name she spoke out immediately. In fact every time she spelt out exact words. Soon she started speaking sentences like “I need tea, give me breakfast, I want to go outside, etc. with improved pronunciation.
I feel much delighted on hearing maths tables in my moms voice. Now my morning really becomes good on hearing good morning from her. Suddenly one day she started singing a song on hearing its few lines.
The God has given us a new ray of hope.
For the left leg, being good in strength and activity, I took box with large no. of marbles i.e. higher weight and asked my mom to kick that till I count 10 or 20 finally the stamina reached up to 40. She did it very well. I was not expecting that she would perform the act so quickly and efficiently.

Now, my mom who had been a vegetative head injury patient has turned out to be a person of good understanding, speaking ability with efficient left side body movement.
The movement at right side is also getting improved. I strongly believe that soon my mom will also start moving on her legs and my dream to go market with her will come true.
There is a gradual transition of her personality to the original one i.e. ornaments at neck, hands, ears; talking, laughing, weeping and with many other emotions. She has become fond of watching Television and enjoys delicious food.
Through my moms story I want to tell the whole world that the recovery of a severe head injury patient is painfully slow. Please do not lose heart and courage when your loved ones have to face such a big medical problem. During these 11 years I have learned the whole life experience. If we try by heart, God will certainly support that. I strongly oppose Euthanasia. I want to share my experiences so that the persons who have already been suffered due to their destiny should get support from their family. It is really our test set by God to find how much we are concerned about our loved ones.
After knowing about moms recovery and rehabilitation from such a severe brain injury, many people come to me for guidance regarding their family members who have got such sufferings and became bed-ridden
The great scientist Stephen Hawking is inspiration to us. At last, but not the least, I want to share a moral which I got from the very famous Thirsty Crow story-where there is will there is certainly some way addressed by destiny and constructed by us”.