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Improve ratings to protect children from harmful content

Changing current rating guidelines to accurately address violence, bias, hate, and discriminatory content will help to better protect and better serve parental guidance when deciding if their child's mental maturity and age is in accordance with the actual content's rating of the media in question.
Ratings should be accompanied by current psychological and sociological understanding of universal moral standards and justice, in order to prevent increasingly growing, and prevailing body of evidence of unethical marketing of inappropriate, misguiding, and misinformed content to children and youth. Such that poses underlying harm to not yet fully developed understanding of certain sociological concepts, and when exposure to such may cause inadequate or skewed perceptions of gender, race, heritage, nationality, body image or the world at large, which can lead to unwarranted gamble of the recipients/consumers well being for the merit of corporate or personal profit.
Mental health and general well being of the nations youth is compromised and affected without consent.
Those, who help create harmful environment have shared responsibility to protect innocent and vulnerable from unfair, and unjust profiteering, alongside parents, care-takers, educators, mentors, and the government.
This is important to me, because everyone is born with an equal right to justice, knowledge, and truth.

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  • Media, movie, entertainment, gaming industry, Congress, and the FCC

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