Make MarketAsia Books Pte Ltd Pay Their Authors

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My name is Cayden Chang and I have published 3 titles of books in Singapore:

1) Co-authored “Do You Have What It Takes to be Boss?”

2) Published the National best seller Investment Book “InvestLah!”

3) Authored the published the book titled The Book of Hope. 

All royalties from the sales of my book go to charity but unfortunately the distributor, MarketAsia Books Pte Ltd, will find excuses not to pay their authors and I am only one of them. 

Other Authors that have only recently been paid after giving MarketAsia pressure includes: 1) Dean Shams, 2) Brenda Tan, 3) Kevin Cottam and we believe that there are many authors out there who are suffering in silence.

How the book distribution business works is that authors will pass books to the distributor who will then liaise with the book stores to have the books displayed on the book shelves. Depending on the agreement between the authors and the distributor, the distributor supposed to inform the author how much books are sold and then the authors will invoice the distributor to get their royalties. Unfortunately for my case with MarketAsia, sales for my book, The Book of Hope, were under reported until one of my staffs called every book store to verify the quantity left in their bookstores and we could not reconcile the numbers. When I confronted MarketAsia, the owner claimed that he learnt it from his predecessor. 

As of this post dated 15th Jun 8:32pm, MarketAsia Books Pte Ltd had passed past the deadline of paying me the amount of $8100+. 

If you are an author where your books are distributed by MarketAsia Books Pte Ltd and your royalties are not paid and/or books are in their warehouse with no status updates, sign this petition and let other authors know what book distributor to stay away. 

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