Ban ESAT news from airing unethical practices by fueling more violence in Ethiopia!

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Ethiopian Satellite Television & Radio (ESAT) is publicly funded media based out of Washington, DC that broadcasts 24 hours in multi language to Ethiopian audiences world wide. However ESAT covers misinformation in the media that disseminates false and unfounded information that can have the potential to ignite violence and constantly fuels hate between two different ethnicity groups, as we repeatedly witnessed numerous broadcasts through the so-called ESAT tv that has declared an open war on the legitimacy of the Harari State on Aug 16, 2018.

ESAT is a media outlet known to be an equivalent of the old Pravda( Russian newspaper-official organ of soviet communist party) propaganda machine of the Soviet era, it has to be identified for what it stands for- clearly to promote the supremacy of Amhara culture and tradition over every other regions that have been annexed through the territorial aggrandizement policy of their emperors.

ESAT, certainly represents the worst in media practice, having justified its hidden agenda that stands on the way of the peaceful coexistence of peoples of Harari and Ethiopia by broadcasting unfounded and often out of sync information that paves a path to violence. Their mission totally lacks ethical purity and their methods of broadcasting is geared towards creating a rift between people, rather than reaching to the public with RELAIBLE news and views to shape a very well informed society.

We kindly take this opportunity to remind ESAT that any misinformation of manipulation and inciting violence will not be tolerated and should this re-occur in the future, we will take stronger stand against ESAT media.  

ESAT should stop producing fake news and should be banned from airing due to UNETHICAL, UNPROFESSIONAL and UNCENSORED news by wide-spreading HATE among all ethnicities especially in Harar region of Ethiopia!

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