Recognize June 2nd as National Gun Violence Awareness Day

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Unfortunately, 90 people every day, and over 30,000 people every year are deadly victims of some form of gun violence in our country. The costs of this epidemic to our society are enormous and immeasurable.

On Saturday,  June 2nd, 2018, 200 cities and towns around the country will mark the observance of the fourth annual Gun Violence Awareness Day.  Last year hundreds of thousands of Americans came together on June 2nd in calling for an end to gun violence. Over 150 cities declared June 2nd Gun Violence Awareness Day, holding over 200 public events spanning all 50 states. Skylines turned orange from coast to coast, and from local school districts, to major corporations, America turned orange. Amongst the 150 towns that participated last year, neighboring towns like Cherry Hill, Haddonfield and Maple Shade all participated.  

Twice now, residents from Medford have asked Medford’s town council to vote on and approve a proclamation marking Medford’s observance of this important day. Thus far, Medford’s council has done nothing but brush off the concerns of local residents.  Medford's Town council will meet again on May 8th and again, Medford residents will ask town council to take a vote and support this proclamation.  If you support the idea that more needs to be done to address the lethal epidemic of gun violence, we ask you to sign on to this petition asking council to do the same.  Naturally, you are also invited to attend the meeting on Tuesday May 8th at 7 PM at the Public Safety Building located at 91 Union Street to express your concerns during the public comment period. Hope to see you!

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