Help Officer Snyder clear his name and reputation

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Justice for Officer Rick Snyder

Help Officer Richard Snyder, a decorated United States Marine Corps veteran, clear his name and reputation as a respectable and honorable former police officer for the Boro of Medford Lakes Police Department from 1996-1998. Officer Snyder, living his life- long dream of being in law enforcement, was forced to resign as a patrolman after being advised by his on call supervisor on what to tell the victim in a domestic violence case. Officer Snyder gave the victim the supervisors given direction. The information was later found to be inappropriate and after that same supervisor was questioned for his actions, the supervisor told investigators from the Burlington County prosecutors office that he never advised  Officer Snyder what to tell the victim and even though he had a Medford Township patrolman standing in the victims living room when he made the call to said supervisor, it still resulted in a politically based smear campaign and all blame in the matter was placed on Officer Snyder.  Officer Snyder was then harassed every day and ultimately threatened with termination if he did not resign. All legal attempts at the time were voided by the fact that his Chief at the time had re typed his resignation letter, stating that he would not hold the Boro of Medford Lakes responsible for any future legal action. This was only found out when attempts to file charges with the prosecutors office and Attorney Generals office were also deemed unfounded.

Now after 18 years of relentless pursuit of retribution, seeking unanswered guidance from political figures including Governors and Senators, Snyder’s recently retired; Medford Lakes Boro Chief of police, who was Officer Snyder’s direct supervisor and a Corporal at the time the events took place has now come to his defense. Snyder lost the opportunity to partake in the Police family ritual of the pinning of the badge ceremony for his brother and later his eldest son at their police academy graduations, lost his potential salary, pension and his self esteem.

Let’s help him regain his direction and self-worth. Family and Friends Please Flood the Boro Managers phone or mail with Calls or letters of Support for Officer Snyder's Justice. You can get more info and follow this story on Snyder's FB page @SNYDER3707.. PLEASE SEND ANY SUGGESTIONS OR IDEAS TO HELP MAKE THIS PETITION KEEP MOVING FORWARD, PLEASE AND THANKS AGAIN !!!!!

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