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Bring Nick Home

At 11:39 pm on May 28th six police officers and two social workers kicked my front door in and dragged my screaming & crying child from his bed. I was handcuffed, dragged to a police car and my left wrist was fractured. I spent the next three hours in jail and my son (who is on the autism spectrum) was whisked off to emergency foster care.

My son was ripped from his bed because:

We don't immunize.
We don't utilize public schools.
We don't attend church.
We don't eat meat.
We don't spank as a form of punishment/discipline.
I required a warrant for entry into my home.

Being different is not illegal. Creating a home that respects my child's needs is not illegal.

Please help me bring Nick Home.

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    Mecklenburg County Department of Social Services

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