Stringent action against prof. Kailash Jha (Mechanical dept. )

Stringent action against prof. Kailash Jha (Mechanical dept. )

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The Director

IIT ISM Dhanbad 

Respected Sir

This is the Mechanical Department ( students who would like to address you on a major issue which has hampered hundreds of student's career and state of mind over the past few years.

We are going to focus on a particular professor who is the so called dictator of Mechanical Department. He is an irresponsible man who is certainly not known for teaching the students meticulously and chronologically. He only gives the overview of a topic (never treaches anything completely ) and asks us to do the rest ourselves. To top all that he sets question papers which even he can't solve (said by himself). It would be startling to know that the marking scheme he follows is far from fair. I request you to go through the gradesheets of few students in the department. You will find a drastic difference between the subjects he has taught viz a viz the subjects by other faculty. And in case you think the subject might be difficult then how come one student always manages to score between 80-85. He awards good marks to one of his favorites. Even though others have solved a question similalry he'll award him 2 or 3 marks in a 10 mark question but he ll give his favorite 7-8 marks (He never shows us other marksheets so in case you want proof, please pay a visit to his chamber and verify for yourself. We are not making this up) so as to disrupt the relative grading as well

Thanks to his irresponsive behaviour, one very often finds unchecked solutions in the answer sheet of many students and this might become 'a glitch' in the absence of that particular student who the answer sheet belongs to. And students present there are awarded 2-3 marks for unchecked question irrespective of the maximum marks for that question whether it is 5 or 10.  

Every year the backlog figure stands at 20 and this constancy reveals that he delights in detaining the students for no reason. Even so, he announces every year in the very first class of the semester that 20 students are going to fail (how can someone forecast this on the first day of semester). This persistent figure exists in a subject name CAD & GEOMETRIC MODELLING and he maintains his supremacy in this context since he is the only professor who teaches this course. At the expenses of the poor feedback, he worsens student performance. What happened with the students who were in second year during the academic year 2018-2019 in the course MED is an epitome of feedback problems. He failed 53 students in his part. 

He is also the only responsible professor for the lab which is held in CAD Lab. There are CCTV cameras over there. (Please have a look at the photage on Tuesdays second half) He never stood from his chair to teach or explain something on the blackboard. He rarely stood up and that too only for pathetic gossips of his childhood memories. There was no discussion of the course entire semester.

In the exam hall he openly says that no one can attempt the whole question paper of CAD and come out with flying colors easily. Hence his question paper must be send to the other IITs to ensure that he is really trying to challenge the students on the academic ground. 

With reference to the crucial points mentioned above we demand strict action against this incompetent, irresponsible, apathetic so called professor who doesn't know how to impart knowledge and all he cares about is how to fail and torment students. You have yourself witnessed this in the Research Scholar's case. For us students knowledge and marks are both important and this man can't provide any.

Being the director of this college we urge you to step up and assess this situation so that students don't have to suffer such problems every year.

In case you think the students are lying please talk to the professors of the mechanical department and ask them to drop their views anonymously. You will be shocked to see such behaviour by an IIT faculty. Despite your orders to provide formulae in question papers he didn't obilige and was forced to write the equations on blackboard on the day of exam after the students pressurized him. He has also made objectionable comments on the get-up of a Muslim student in front of the entire class!!

Sir, we have seen him since 2 years and our juniors have also suffered due to his actions. We are standing United and demand for a change because we do not deserve this by taking an admission to one of the prestigious institutions in India.

Finally, we want that disciplinary action be imposed on Prof. Kailash Jha and our copies be rechecked in 'CAD and Geometric Modelling' and 'Machine Design' by a different professor.

Thank you for hearing us out. Hoping for a swift action.


B.Tech Mechanical

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