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Bring back death penalty and have harsh laws

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                     We have 3 problems at the moment in SA

1. Our country is faced with terror women and children live in constant fear of their lives

2. We are faced with a problem of human trafficking

3. Illegal selling of human parts.

Everyday more than 5 women are killed,boyfriends or husbands kill their women with no fear of being punished. This is because our constitutional law is lenient and people can get away with their evil deeds.

Our children are not safe in schools because there are teachers who work with these evil people.

We stand as women asking for death penalty to be brought back for those who kill.

For those who rape their manhood should be castrated and those who steal and do human trafficking their hands should be amputated.

Those selling drugs should also get death sentence.people are being killed by taking drugs.

We need to work together as a community and request the government to  have cameras in all the ambulances,police cars including public transportation.

Taxi drivers must all be registered and have their driver's I.D where all passengers can see and be allowed to check if it’s real or not.


We need cameras in all street corners especially in the townships because we do not feel safe.there should be security working 24 hours checking on the surveillance.

Until we have such laws in our country we will never be safe.It is sad that we live in fear every day in our own homes.


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