Make Julianstown Traffic Free


Make Julianstown Traffic Free

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Protect East Meath started this petition to Jackie Maguire (CEO, Meath County Council) and

Julianstown: An environmental disaster

We at Protect East Meath are asking our neighbours and friends to support our campaign to make Julianstown traffic-free.

Julianstown should be the jewel in the crown of East Meath. It's a historic village sitting on the banks of the beautiful river Nanny.

However it is infamous in East Meath because of the terrible traffic situation that ruins the environment for people who live there and causes huge traffic jams for locals trying to get to the M1.

At the moment more than 22,000 vehicles per day squeeze through this tiny village and at rush hour there are traffic jams stretching into Drogheda or to City North meaning it takes 10-15 minutes to travel the short distance through the village.

Meanwhile zoning and planning permission for 1000s of houses in South Drogheda is accelerating. Even today there are plans in the pipeline to build enough housing in this area that means that the local area could grow by an amount equivalent to the size of Ardee.

The County Development Plan is currently being reviewed - this is our opportunity to ask our council and our Councillors to put measures in place to protect the environment in Julianstown and to make the village traffic-free

What you can do

We want to lobby the Council to adopt measures in the County Development Plan to bypass Julianstown Village and make it traffic-free but we need your support.

If you:

  • Care about the environment
  • Live in Julianstown and are worried about air pollution, noise and quality of life
  • Are fed up sitting in traffic in Julianstown
  • Want to see Meath County Council take action

Then sign this petition

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This petition made change with 677 supporters!

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