Kennedy plaza- Return to the people of Navan..

Kennedy plaza- Return to the people of Navan..

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Started by Gary Alder

Navan has no recognised public civic space, but it does!! The irony is, this was exactly what Kennedy Plaza was designed for, back in 2008. Dubbed 'Navan's Civic Space', it cost €3.5m & was an award-winning design.

But upon completion, Meath County council & the councillors at the time decided to revert it back to a full time car park.

This piece of land was given to Meath County Council by Tom Kennedy a local farmer and councillor who lived on Canon Row. Tom loved Navan and gave this land to the council to be used by the people of Navan, not to be used as a car park.

We propose that the council immediately repurpose the plaza back to its original usage of a public civic space for the people of Navan to enjoy. The installation of large umbrellas and seating would bring people into the centre of the town and help boost the local economy

Annual music events could take place in the summer months like the very successful Spiegeltent that was there a few years ago. Unfortunately this fantastic event was moved to Wexford, another huge loss for the people of Navan.

We ask you to add your name to this petition so that we can show the council how the people of Navan feel about this issue. We are the people and we have the power. Thank you.


346 have signed. Let’s get to 500!