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Vote of No Confidence in the National Native Title Tribunal

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Please support the First People of Australia who are misrepresented by an illicit entity the National Native Title Tribunal. The National Native Title Tribunal was Never Endorsed by the Original Sovereigns (Aboriginal & Islander Peoples) to the Lands of Australia to represent or claim management of their Ancestral Homelands.

As Original Sovereigns to these lands

  • The First Peoples of this Country are Not have never been legitimately Australian Citizens nor are We the Descendants of Britain for Laws to be made for or applied to Originals of this Country.
  • The First Peoples of Australia Never Ceded / Treatied / Sold or made any Agreements with British Australia to claim ownership of their Ancestral Homelands. 

Under the Keating Govenment the National Native Title Tribunal Act 1993 was established one year after Mabo Cases 1 & 2 in the High Court, the outcome proved that the lands of Australia were Not Terra Nullius (lands without occupants) but were Occupied by the First Peoples that set a precedence the Federal Govt needed to amend for the First People.

This legislation was Not Land Rights nor did it give any Original Peoples Rights or Justice.  Many Tribes and Communities were not consulted in the development of the National Native Title Tribunal this legislation has proven not operate in the best interests of the First People but benefits Corporate Australia, Private Enterprise, Mining Interests etc.

The NNTT did not take into the account the Invasion of Lands, the Inter-tribal Dependancy within an area, Traditional Inter-tribal Gathering Places, the Original Peoples Occupations, the Resistance Defending Homelands, the Legacy of Dispossession & Incarcerations of the First Peoples, the Destruction to Cultural, Sacred and Significant Connections to Country & Waterways including Songlines.

  • Applicants are required to cede their Sovereign Rights to the Crown and under the confines of Federal legislation can only access Crown lands and food sources under legislative parameters.
  • There is No formal training for Applicants to understand their Rights as an Applicant to the Native Title and limited or no input to modify destructive pathways.
  • The National Native Title Tribunal only benefits the Employees of the NNTT. & monies acquired from Authorizing Deals does not benefit Communities but Individual family groups who in many of the cases are not the rightful applicants.
  • The dysfunction, stress and trauma the NNTT and their processes have caused throughout the First Peoples communities of Australia has caused both Physical & Lateral Violent episodes that in many cases are ongoing with No Resolutions in place, and they are not held accountable.
  • They do not consider or support our Customary Laws of Governance which lies with our Senior Peoples making the final decisions on matters which may include a number of Elders and not one individual as seen to happen.
  • Do not support people with requests to research their history nor do they resolve or pay participants consultancy fees when using their knowledge
  • Connections to country are based on british australian records and accounts and the First Peoples testimonies are disregarded & invalidated
  • Native Title has proven to distort records and maps disregarding ongoing requests to remedy these accounts,
  • in many cases throughout Australia authorised deals with mining companies, including Coal Seam Gas has caused tremendous damage to lands and waterways with no restoration practices put in place.

Our people did not consent to this very destructive force being the only option to access lands under Australian Legislations. The NNTT is using a democratic system of voting that conflicts with Customary Law practices.

Sovereigns to these lands did not consent nor were they consulted in the establishment of the National Native Title Tribunal which has caused tremendous damage to our Communities, Ancestral Homelands, Culture, Customary Laws, Spirituality and Way of Life.

The R Recognition Campaign in operation at this present time reveals that the First People are not in the Constitution, how is the Australia Governments justifying applying their laws to the First People, we need to get this right Australia. Sovereign Rights is Human Rights Yuway



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