STOP Commercial Netting in the Great Sandy Marine Park !

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IT’S TIME to end damaging commercial netting in the Great Sandy Marine Park!

The Great Sandy Marine Park is THE ONLY Marine Park that allows commercial netting in what “should be” TRUE YELLOW CONSERVATION ZONE AREAS!

Ending damaging commercial netting in the Great Sandy Marine Park – which has already been tentatively listed as a World Heritage Area, will bring a much needed boost to an environment deserving of proper marine protection.

Using commercial nets to:

  • Target spawning aggregations MUST BE STOPPED
  • Target bream, whiting and flathead in conservation park yellow zones MUST BE STOPPED
  • Target top level predators like mackerel , trevally, barramundi , threadfin salmon and shark MUST BE STOPPED
  • Target low food value but high recreational fishing value fish like Golden Trevally, Snub nosed dart ( Permit ) , Queenfish, Giant Herring etc. MUST BE STOPPED
  • Incidentally catch dugongs and marine turtles is definitely MUST BE STOPPED 

NOTE - The Great Sandy Designated Area incorporates areas of conservation park zones in :-

  • Baffle Creek & tributaries
  • The Elliott River & tributaries
  • The Burrum River & tributaries
  • The Mary River & tributaries
  • The Great Sandy Strait and Tin Can Bay Inlet

Sign this PETITION to request  Meaghan Scanlon MP -  Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection and Minister for National Parks and the Great Barrier Reef and the Palaszczuk State Government to commit to ending destructive commercial netting operations in the Great Sandy Marine Park and adjacent waterways under the current full term 10 year review to restore fish stocks and help protect the Queensland urban coast’s largest dugong population.