Evacuation of Indian Citizens (tourists & students) from New Zealand & Australia

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My maternal Uncle & Aunt who live in Jaipur are currently stuck in Wellington, New Zealand.

New Zealand has already registered confirmed Covid-19 cases and New Zealand is going through a complete shutdown since 25th March.

As the Covid-19 infection keeps on spreading rapidly, we are concerned about the safety and wellbeing of our family members along with many other tourists & students of Indian nationality.

We request our government to kindly facilitate airlift for them so that they can reach our homeland safely. 

They will practise self-quarantine for a minimum of 15 days once they are back in India, in their own interest, in the interest of their loved ones, and in the interest of everyone else. 

But they must return as they have children and elders in their family to look after. Both of them are about 60 years old and their returning home is very necessary. Their being stranded in a foreign country will create a huge financial burden on them too. This will happen for all our citizens who are stranded outside India.

We are terrified each day for their safety and overall well-being in these traumatic times.

We humbly request our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji and Honourable Minister of External Affairs Subhramanyam Jaishankar ji  to please bring them back to our home and ensure the safety and wellbeing of the fellow Indians who left home to travel, bring a better future for them, their families, the society and the nation as a whole!

We realise that it is very difficult time for all governments.

Alas, our only choice is to plead to our Government for evacuation!

Our reason for being able to write to you is because of OUR TRUST in our current government on handling the Pandemic. Our government’s response to COVID-19 is pre-emptive, pro-active & graded. The government took swift action to put in place a comprehensive and robust system of screening, quarantine and surveillance as part of its robust response to the public health crisis right from the beginning.

Please help this request reach Indian Embassy and PMO by signing this petition.