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To save Logan Paul

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In life... everyone makes mistakes and I believe everyone should get second chances...let's be honest...all of us have done some messed up things which we regret but don't forget that people have forgiven us for our actions and believed that we will be better...we have to give Logan more chance. This man has worked hard to get where he is...I'm not saying that what he did was right it was very wrong of him to do so..but we can always forgive him and help him become better. I don't believe in deleting his channel that he has worked hard for just to be deleted like that case Pwediepie's channel should be deleted for saying the N word or even keemstar's, he is  man with a daughter and he calls someone else's daughter( Erika Costell) snake bitch, dirty tampon...imagine how Erika's dad must feel...when he see's people like keemstar's calling Erika a bitch and all that. Keemstar's is the biggest hypocrite on earth.  He tries too hard to be in the YouTube game..if it wasn't for Jake Paul his career would be over. Yes, what logan Paul did was terrible but after all the media hate he has got and been through in the last 3 days Is enough...he atleast apologized..for what he did.  Logan Paul is a human being too and everyone make's mistake and he apologized for his and knows he's wrong. Keemstar making fun of someone else's daughter is the worst thing ever..he has a daughter himself...just imagine what he would feel like when people make fun of his daughter. When we make mistakes we say "We are humans and humans make mistake and no one is perfect." I feel like so much hate is enough and we should get over it and just forgive him and expect better from him. Please sign this petition to save Logan Paul's channel. He has 15 million subscribers..and that is not a small amount.. the man's worked hard for it. We can punish him for what he did but deleting his channel is extreme and just too much . Infact in the video when they saw the dead man they did mention how people shouldn't suicide by they I mean Brendan and Logan. Can we please not only look at the negatives in the video. Please save Logan Paul. 





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