Take ZEST down!

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During 2017-2018, a new student council in VSA known as Zest was chosen. You may already know that Zest was chosen, but I'm here to talk about what you may not know about the student election. Zest says they support ideas like equality and freedomTheir plans to enforce equality includes things like a coffee shop. They claim that people can sit around at the coffee shop and hangout, allowing people to socialize with other year groups. First of all, they are known as the 3rd and 7th floor cafeterias. Both with the purposes of selling the student body food and allowing the students to socialize with one another. If the first 2 cafeterias did not encourage us to socialize with other year groups, then adding another shop would not help the cause whatsoever, but actually waste the schools money and space. Not only that Zest reinforced the idea that only certain year groups are allowed to buy coffee from the coffee shop. This means some people will have more rights and others less, completely negating the idea equality in our school. That being said let us talk about the results. The results had came out in the Victorian announcing Zest as president, the results also told us that a majority of of Zest' voters are female. This is believed by many that Zest' representative was a confident female student. This representative may sound like she is helping the female students in this school, but she did not talk about how they would help the female student body in any way. Innovatus on the other hand did in fact suggest ways they could help the female student body by adding toiletries to the female restroom. Many students were misleaded by Zest' highly edited preview video and confident speaking. This is not the only time this had happened, in fact it has happened multiple times, but Zest is the most current case. I strongly urge you to help this cause by signing this petition and then spreading the word.