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Selective Parking Enforcement in Bayou St. John/ Parkview Neighborhood

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Dear New Orleans,

Many Mid City, specifically Bayou St. John, residents have recurring and growing concerns about the selective enforcement of parking. The city has displayed vigilant enforcement of parking in the area during large events and festivals such as Bayou Boogaloo, Jazz Fest, and Endymion. You have even begun to send out ticketers after hours as late as 9-10pm to enforce legal parking surrounding the growing popular neighborhood bars Bayou Beer Garden and Bayou Wine Garden.

However, your inexplicable neglect to act in similar fashion this past weekend (5/14/2017) despite the complaints of residents and assurance from your office is concerning. This was not the first year you have failed to enforce parking at this event event.

Hundreds of cars were parked illegally on the Banks of Bayou St. John, along the greenway, and on the neutral ground of Orleans Avenue. Additionally, cars went without being ticketed or towed while parked in front of fire hydrants and stop signs. Why were they not issued tickets in similar fashion to other events?

Many concerned residents called and were told the city was actively pursuing enforcement. However, cars remained throughout the day unmoved and without tickets. Your officers were seen in the area walking around, and then leaving such areas without ticketing cars and/or have their owners move them.

These public spaces are owned by the city, but held dearly by the communities they are in. We strongly request an explanation for this curious conduct and atypical enforcement. There are reasons why cars are not allowed on the greenway. This space is meant to be a safe place for bikers to travel. One may presume, the bayou banks and Neutral grounds are not built to hold the tonnage of hundreds of cars. Parking cars on the root systems of old oak trees is reckless. Additionally, parking in front of fire hydrants and stop signs is a direct endangerment of the public and private property.

We strongly request and explanations for the cities inexplicable “leniency.” Residents have provided numerous pictures and video of this unticketed parking. There are also videos of your agents leaving said scenes without removing cars or ticketing them. We deserve an explanation. 

 There are greater concerns that our city faces. However, selective enforcement of ticketing is excusable.


The concerned Residents of Bayou St. John.

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