Raise awareness to Cyberbullying

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Do you play online games or use social media? 70% of students report seeing bullying online. One in six preteens (under 13) have been bullied online. Girls are twice as likely to be perpetrators and victims of cyberbullying. 
Traditional bullying vs Cyberbullying 
Traditional bullying  
Traditional bullying happens face to face between two or more people. The bully says something mean or humiliating directly to the victim. The bully can see the reactions of the victim and continue if the victim shows that he or she is bullied. The bullying is limited to one place because only the bystanders can see what is happening. This means that the victim can have a safe place and is not always confronted with the bullying. 
Cyberbullying is online, anywhere and can be twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. 
There is no escape for the victims because the victim is online, and the victim cannot stop going online. The cyberbully can be anonymous so he cannot be identified and found. 
If the bully posts it online and it goes viral not only a few people can see it but thousands around the world. When the bully bullies the victim, he or she cannot see the reactions of the victim, so it is hard for the bully to know if the victim feels bullied. 
What is cyberbullying? 
Cyberbullying uses mobile phones or other devices which have access to the internet to hurt or embarrass another person. Some social media Apps people get bullied on are Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It is called cyberbullying when there is a power imbalance, intention to harm or repetition. Power imbalance means that one person has control over the other person and intends to harm them emotionally. Repetition means that they do it more than once.    
There are a few different types of cyberbullying. There is Cyber stalking, Exclusion, Outing and Flaming. 
Cyber stalking is that someone repeatedly sends you threatening messages or are being intimidating and engaging in other people's online activities that makes people fear for his or her safety. 
Exclusion means that people purposely leave people out of a group online. Outing and trickery is when people share people's secrets or trick people to reveal their secrets or embarrassing information about themselves to other people.  
Flaming is when people online fight, by sending each other negative messages with angry or vulgar language.  
Harassment is when someone repeatedly sends offensive, rude, or insulting messages to someone via SMS or social media accounts.  
There is also by proxy which means that you manipulate other people to cyberbully the person you want to cyberbully. Some examples of proxy are impersonating, denigration and degradation. 
Impersonating is when a cyberbully breaks into someone's email account or social networking site and writes messages to others, so the other people think it is someone else. 
Denigration is when someone spreads information about someone that is not true. Some examples are posting altered photos like someone slapping someone with a happy face. 
Degradation is using mean gossips or rumors to damage someone's reputation or friend group. 
Who are cyberbullies? 
Cyberbullies deliberately try to make others angry online, they cause trouble and are rude to others online. Most cyberbullies are bullied themselves so if they bully someone else, they feel better about themselves. They could be someone you know, or it could be someone you do not know.  Cyberbullies mostly cyberbully people who they know in real life. Some people do not even mean to be cyberbullies they only take part. Most of the people who take part usually do not recognize that they are being mean to someone online, but they become cyberbullies when they take part. 
Who is affected by cyberbullying? 
It is not only the bully and the victim who are involved but lots of other people. 
Parents have to deal with sad and depressed kids so thy might not know what to do. 
School is affected because the victim is missing his classes and they do not know what happened or try to help the victim. Friends are affected because their friend is not coming to school and they do not know what happened or what they should do. Bystanders are the ones who witness the bullying and are likely to also be affected mentally and emotionally. 
What happens to people who are cyberbullied? 
Cyberbullying is a real problem; it causes stress that can make people sick and depressed. It can even last for years after the cyberbullying happened. People are cyberbullied for several reasons maybe because they are disabled or are a different race. Or on what decisions they make. They stay away from school which makes them miss lessons and they also struggle academically. The persons self-esteem (that they trust themselves) also goes down and they start to not trust themselves. 
The people who get bullied feel sad, lonely, and upset. Some people that get cyberbullied think about committing suicide and some people even do it because they feel like there is no escape from the bully. 
What should you do if you get cyberbullied? 
If you are cyberbullied, then you should always take a screenshot or save the message as evidence later. Do not reply to the person who sent you the message. The bully wants you to reply because it will make themselves feel better or if you send something bad the person who hosts the social media will kick you out of it. Block the senders so they cannot harm you anymore. Always talk to a trusted person, adult, teacher, or parent. Cyberbullying is illegal in some places so the police might have to get involved. 
What should you do if you see cyberbullying happen?  
Talk to the victim and offer them some help. If you see someone get cyberbullied, you should tell someone about it. You could also find someone who has been cyberbullied before and tell the victim to talk to them and see how they coped with the bullying. 
How can you prevent cyberbullying? 
Before you post a comment reread the text and think about what you have written and if it hurts someone do not post it. If you think it is a joke some people might not think of it as a joke and it might upset someone.