Petition so Faith Swan will Play 2 Doubles in Tennis with Me!

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I’m a natural born swimmer which means my hand eye coordination is at an olympic level of excellence, and I am a very talented runner. Personally, I believe that Faith is scared of looking like the inferior tennis player, and that she’s scared of my supreme skill and power. Faith is alright I guess, but when we are together we are THE dynamic duo. Together, we could be State Champions in our sleep, and Olympic gold medalists without batting an eye. Now, with this in comprehendible skill you may be asking yourself “Why 2 doubles instead of 1?” and to that I will answer with a quote by my future teammate Faith, “2 doubles is full of dumb freshman who don’t even know how to play tennis.” I thoroughly believe that will answer any future questions you may have. Please sign this petition for an amazing cost, it is Faith’s senior year and she needs to end it on a good note at State, then at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo this coming summer. Faith said we need 10,000 signatures for her to join my side, I really believe a win will help her attitude, because it’s not so pretty right now. Please support our cause!! For Faith!!