Perma Ban Corey if his mutiny fails

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On the morning of march 12 2018 at approximately 10:30AM Corey Hulme made the concision decision to start a petition to overthrow two of the discords HAKA leaders Arete lion mentors, Ryan Cooper and Jackson Hawke(myself). he claimed that the two should loose there privileges within the discord because of so called "cyber bulling" when in fact the consequences he received were fully explainable and reasonable for the crime he committed. I think if this behavior continues we should give him a pema ban or if not at least relocate his role from 'bug boi' to 'detention' for at least 4 months in detention, If Corey is to remove his petition and retract his profane comments about Ryan and myself i will also remove my petition and Corey will only receive a reduced sentence of 1 month in detention. i thank you for helping me out in this effort to keep our great discord server running smoothly.

yours sincerely 

Jackson Hawke