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1. Don’t make everything an issue.

Just because your friend declined your offer to go with you at the mall, it instantly means she doesn’t care about you anymore. Before you react, try hearing your friend’s reasons out first. Maybe her schedule is full, and she needs to meet deadlines. Or maybe she promised her grandma that they will go to her favorite restaurant this afternoon. There’s a ton of possibilities, and if she was you; you would probably do the same, too. Be understandable.

2. Be supportive.

Don’t be envious of your friend’s success. Every successful person you see had worked hard to be where they are right now. Everything takes time, even your favorite drink at Starbucks. If your friend has aced the exam and you didn’t, still congratulate her. Don’t find reasons to make her success not an achievement by telling her that it’s not really important if someone aced it or not because it’s a minor course.

3. Own up to your mistakes.

If you know you’re wrong (or have made a mistake), LEARN TO APOLOGIZE. It’s not hard to say sorry and mean it. Everyone makes mistakes, and if you did; learn to own up to it. You’ll be a better person, believe me.

4. Don’t manipulate.

Please don’t bring others down with you. Break the thought that you’re doing everything for everyone and because of that, they owe you. No one owes you anything. Remember that everything you do is your decision, you’re the only one who controls you. If you made your brother a sandwich for breakfast, he’s not obliged to make you one (or do something in your favor).

In our society, Toxic people are everywhere. It can be one of your family members, friends, or it can be you. It’s not surprising that toxic people doesn’t know that they’re toxic, so it’s better to let them know. However, don’t change them even though they can be poisonous in a lot of ways like a lily of the valley. It’s still not your job to change them because change will just happen if they want to.

So if you became aware now after reading this that you’re a toxic person, the next move will depend on you. But if you realized that you know someone who is like this, it’s better to cut them out of your life. Harsh as it may sound, this has to be done for that person, and also for you.


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