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Let girls wear Nike shorts at our school

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Yesterday when I went to school it was a dress down day. When I was at my locker, I saw a teacher getting on to a girl student for wearing Nike shorts. I went to my homeroom and I saw all the guys wearing whatever Nike or Adidas shorts they wanted. Later on that day my friend got in trouble for wearing ripped jeans below the knee. The teachers allowed her to wear the ripped jeans, but other teachers told her to change out of them and call her mom to change her pants. I think this is very unreasonable because the guys at our school can wear whatever they want and don't get in trouble, but the girls get caught for the smallest things like double ear piercings or their P.E. shorts being too short. The thing is the Nike shorts are longer than the P.E. shorts but they still don't allow us to wear the Nike shorts for dress down days. I mean it's not even the girl's fault that we have a specific dress code, it's the guys. The guys can't control their feelings so why blame it on the girls for doing nothing wrong except sitting there and looking pretty. 

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