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I've been denied visitation of Grandson

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I have been a big part of my Grandson's life before he was born and more so after. I had so much stuff for him that anyone would have sworn I was expecting a child of my own. One week before he was born I had to buy his baby bed and put it together, I had to paint paint his room and take half the clothes, powder, lotion, wipes and so much more over to my sons house because they had nothing. After he was born he would cry so much that they couldn't stop him so I would drive ten miles at 2:00am just to stop him from crying then I would bring him home with me so that they could get back to sleep. His mother didn't put him on wick when she was suppose to so I went from store to store buying all the baby milk they had and this continued for eight months and he never ran out. as he grew I would have him every weekend. When I would pick him up on Friday all I needed was him because I kept everything he needed at my house. When ever it was time to bring him home he would run from one side of the car to the other because he didn't want to go home and he is worse today. I took him home once and that baby hit and slapped his mom so much that she had to put him down and when he got loose he began running down the street behind my car . I had to stop and let him in. He is three years old now and I have to wait until he fall asleep in order to bring him home. He is very attached to me and I to him. His mother asked me to keep him last weekend and I told her that I had planned some me time and this must have really upset her because when I woke up the next morning one of my tire was flat, someone stuck a knife in it. I accused her because nobody else had a reason to do that, and it had never happened to me before. I had my Grandson for the entire week of Thanksgiving and I needed a break. She asked me because I never say no, but this time I did and she had plans, so now she's telling me that I can't see him and that is not fair, as long as I give her what she wants weather I feel like having him or not, she will let me have him with no problem but when she can't have her way she tell me I can't get him

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