Have Sora die at the start of every host.

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Nobody likes Sora and he's been joining more and more short terms (there's no chance in heck he's gonna end up in a long term so we don't have to worry about that). Chances are, you all know who Sora is.

For clarification, Sora usually uses the SHSL Gamer talent, although he has been seen with different, equally bland talents such as SHSL Youtuber or the forbidden SHSL ???. This is terrible for a number of reasons; not only are these talents bland but it takes up the spot for someone else with a unique spin on the talents to get in due to it being weird for two people to have the same talent.

This isn't all however. Sora is well-known for adding his own to the host without the hoster's permission. For example, he'll talk to people about how he got a note or something or about how he knows that they're on a TV show, things that, at the point of the host, they shouldn't know, they should THINK. This is annoying for everyone, hoster and host attendees.