Would Like To Move To Suitable Accomodation On The Grounds Of Health And Safety Issues!

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My partner who is disabled who i'am the main career for is currently living in a one bedroom ground floor flat which is unsuitable for living in my partner who is disabled and suffers with chronic back pain,vascular claudiacation dieses,depression,anxiety,incontinence,sleep apnea is sleeping on a settee which is not healthy for a disabled person who suffers with a very bad back who he is under a specalist for and myself a asthamatic is being forced to sleep in a bedroom which is full of mould and plaster everywhere the flat that we are living in is subsiding inside and out the whole building inside and out is full of thick cracks around the ceiling loads of plaster is coming off the walls the window looks like it is going to fall out any second the cold weather is getting in i'am not sleeping at night because i'am scared that the roof is going to cave in on me if i was to sleep the housing association had moved the two other tennants out of there flat who was both working people with no health conditions or disabilities needs out of there flat who was living directly above us due to there flat being in the same condition as ours and had moved them out due to it being to many disruptions for them yet the contractors want to carry out repairs to our flat whilst me and my partner are still living in our flat we have been informed via a phone call by peter stock our so called housing officer that we must move all of our belongings out of the bedroom in order for the contractors to carry out there repairs we have not long moved out of a three bedroomed house due to the bedroom tax i have given alot of my belongings away to charity shops etc what i have left in my bedroom in my current one bed ground floor flat i cannot just do as they ask and to just get rid as it is sentimentle value to me and my partner and they are expecting me to just get rid of my possesions out of my bedroom for the workmen to come into our one bed flat to do plastering and decorating as stated i'am asthamatic and i cannot be around this also me and my partner do not sleep together we havent done for years over his sleep apnea and very loud snoring that is why he is currently sleeping on the sofa there is no room in the living room for all of our possesions to go in there plus we have a dog and three cats who also sleep in the living room at night so where would i sleep?,also they have never informed us about any of it even the workmen just turning up to do repairs early hours in the morning 8:00am till 5:00pm monday to a friday to do repairs to the flat directly above our flat banging and making a right racket we have even shared our concerns to the workmen who have been attending the flat directly above ours and they have even told me and my partner that we should have been informed about everything reguarding repair work in writing and also they had told us that our local council should have offered us some storage for our goods which they never ever have me and my partner have had to put up with alot not only living in property which is unfit and a health and safety hazzard to live in and putting up with all the constant noise and disruption to our lives i also suffer with fluid on my brain which causes me to suffer with headaches daily and we have had this constant disruption and noise for the past two years that we have been living in our flat and we are both at the end of our tether we cannot cope with this anymore the council in question has been treating us very unfairly since we have been there housing tennants i have written endless complaints we have requested for our housing officer to see us and by law they are suppose to keep us updated reguarding the on going repairs in writing which we havent recieved and also we never get any reply back from anyone who works at the rooftop housing office my partner is disabled and he if not myself should be entitled by law for help on medical grounds to be moved out of this health and safety hazzard hell hole into a more suitable accomodation so why is no one helping us or supporting our basic needs!

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