Black Lives Matter Mural at Strandwood Elementary School

Black Lives Matter Mural at Strandwood Elementary School

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We want our school district to stand up against racism and show their support for Black Lives Matter by allowing students and volunteers to paint a Black Lives Matter mural at Strandwood Elementary. There has been recent backlash against a piece of Black Lives Matter chalk art at the school that has been repeatedly vandalized to read “All Lives Matter.” 

We believe that if our school district is truly committed to supporting it’s Black students they will put a stop to this and allow us to paint a mural. This will be a symbolic victory and hopefully the first of many, showing that our community and our schools stand against racism. We hope this mural will be the first in many steps to support anti-racism in our community. 

Thank you!

If you would like to further show your support please email the principal of Strandwood Cheri Scriptor (, the superintendent Adam Clark (, or call at (925) 682 8000