Resolve the nuisance fire alarm issue for the New Bancroft residence

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The residents of the New Bancroft apartments have been disturbed by the fire alarm going off in the apartments 3 times only in the past month. To our latest knowledge, this has been caused by the anti-social behaviour of some teenagers who have been messing with a lighter in the car park. As a result, the residents of all the four buildings of the complex were disturbed and had to come out on the cold street, including those with infants, until the fire brigade would confirm there is no danger of fire.

Moreover, for each false alarm that occurs the irritation of residents can increase; as such in the event of a real fire some residents may dismiss the warning as another false alarm. And in the event of a real fire; some people may perish as a direct result of the MD Property's negligent omissions; where any reasonable person would act to remedy this system to restore the integrity and functionality of the system; and, ultimately, restore peace of mind to the residents that they are safe; and should an emergency arise they are assured ample warning- not mere obstruction from the nuisance faulty fire alarm!

We want an immediate resolution of the problem, as in hiring a security guard who would be watching after the complex, spot any suspicious behaviour and report it immediately to the Garda station. The safety of the residents should be the top priority for the company letting apartments within the complex.

If no further actions are taken and the problem is not resolved, the further step will be bringing the case to the Dublin South Council and any other relevant organization for the further resolution of the inconvenience caused to many people from the anti-social behaviour of a group of children.