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Keep the Quality of life we've built in De Winton

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To all the De Winton residents and surrounding neighbours that love and would like to keep the standard and quality of life of this community as it is, please take time to read this and sign the Petition against this development. 

If you live in De Winton, or surrounding area, you are all aware of or have had to deal with developers - well there has not been anything like this one! 90% of us are on country residential estate acreages and luxury homes, unfortunately, this developer is trying to change all that. The Meadows of De Winton area structure plan that has been submitted and currently being reviewed by the MD of Foothills is proposing an high density area dropped in the middle of De Winton country residential acreages consisting of starter homes and seniors assisted living. The effects of this, in my professional option, will dramatically stunt the growth and values of the current homes and land in De Winton not to mention completely change the quality of life in “the country”. There are country residential estate acreages already built and currently in progress that are a stones throw from the proposed location that will not only be undesirable for resale but will also plummet in value, including the property values in all areas in and around De Winton. 

Take a look at the other communities in De Winton, such as Heritage Pointe and Artesia. They took into account the values of the surrounding area and built a high density estate community worthy of De Winton standards, not like this proposed high density starter community with homes starting in the low $300k with a 17’ wide home of about 1200 sq/ft or a 25’ lot with attached bungalows. The current bylaws set by the MD state that the minimum built for a single family home bungalow must be no smaller than 1800 sq/ft., this is a dramatic difference.  There are already other communities such as Darcy Ranch going up closer to Okotoks where a development like this is better suited, we do not need this dropped into the middle of De Winton.  

The only infrastructure in place for a development of this size is the North Okotoks overpass that was paid for by MD tax payer dollars already and it was built to ease the commute and traffic pressure from the growth of Okotoks not to ease the costs for a developer. They are also going to pipe water in from Bow.  Name another 1500 plus home high density area or town that was not built on some river and natural flowing water system in this area. On average a 4 person family uses somewhere between 220 to 300 gallons of water a day. Where is approximately 40000 gallons of waste water a day going? They are saying under ground. The proposed site for this waste water treatment plant just up the hill and is extremely close to environmentally protected wet lands. How can they guarantee that it will have no impact on this water with that amount of ground saturation? What about fires? I know we have an exceptional fire department in Heritage Pointe and Okotoks but they still have to get there. A fire started in Deer Creek estates off 48st east back in February of this year on a new built estate acreage home and even with the departments best effort to get there fast the home was a raging inferno and the home has completely lost. Thank goodness no one occupied it yet. What happens when a mistake is made and a fire breaks out in one of the homes built in this development and the neighbours are only feet from fire? How many homes and possibly lives are lost? Are they putting fire protection in each home incase of fire? 


This type of community does not fit into what already exists in the area and what many people desired and worked to create this quality of life for their families. There is a reason people moved out into the country on an acreage.  This type of community is better suited closer to amenities, closer to urban hubs like Okotoks, Chestermere, Cochrane, Airdrie and the central employment hub of Calgary.  This is not the right place in many ways to build this type of community and if we do not band together as a community against this “seed” community, which the developer has admitted to, it will spread to the boarding lands to the east between the 2 and 2A and East of the 2, which would dramatically effect Heritage Heights, Willowside Equestrian Estates and other estate acreage communities. 


Every Resident in De Winton deserves to have a say in such a dramatic shift in what the MD of Foothills is allowing developers to now apply for. In 2013 the MD rezoned pretty much anywhere along the #2 highway between High River and south Calgary their “Central growth corridor”. Quite sure the constituents weren’t informed or voted on that meaning high density starter communities popping up where ever a developer likes. 

Between the Developer, the MD of Foothills counsel, and even the landowner all have the responsibility and regard for the majority that live in this beautiful community because with this plan every penny that they are about to make is coming directly from the residents property values.

I encourage you all to make a call to your trusted Real Estate acreage and De Winton specialist to reconfirm my option about this. I have talked with multiple other agents from many different Brokerages and they all agree this is not good for De Winton residents.  

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