Switch back to Google Classroom!

Switch back to Google Classroom!

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Marcos Gregorio started this petition to Montgomery County Public Schools

Canvas has caused a considerable amount of confusion and struggle for students. Students have received zeros on assignments and heightened feelings of anxiety and stress because of Canvas’ poor user interface and a flawed system that lacks:

  1. Clear references to due dates versus deadlines 
  2. An easy messaging system for teachers and students to communicate about specific assignments
  3. A calendar that is free of errors and glitches
  4. Sufficient servers stability that was most notably displayed by Canvas crashing on the first day of school

What do we want?

We are simply asking Montgomery County Public Schools to ditch Canvas and switch back to using Google Classroom as our primary online classroom.

While we could fix the flaws within Canvas, it would be a costly and slow endeavor that would require a large sum of money and time to completely overhaul the user interface and revamp the servers. Rather than increasing our spending it could be solved in a much more cost effective way by just switching back to Google Classroom. 

Benefits of switching back to Google Classroom: 

  1. Google classroom is a multi-billion dollar company with the support of some of the best servers and server management than that of Canvas
  2. Google classroom has a clean, simple, and pleasant user interface that even a small child could easily navigate. It simply makes distanced learning better for all students
  3. Google Classroom provides clearly visible chat rooms to talks about specific assignments or class discussion.
  4.  Google classroom is already supported by the thousands of chrome books that we bought. Google classroom is literally made for our computers and it is silly for us to invest so heavily into google and not use our computers coupled with their applications. Google chrome is also the primary web browser that Americans use which also supports Google's applications like Google Classroom.
  5. Google Classroom makes keeping track of assignments simple and easy to follow. There is no struggle to see when the due date is and when a deadline is. If you had a question about a deadline you could simply message a teacher about it without having to flood your teachers emails with messages with no clear indication to what assignment you are referencing. 

What about the teachers?

Teachers are also extremely important in this decision and how they find interacting with Google Classroom. I have talked to many teachers and the overwhelming majority finds that Google Classroom is a very good system to use. However, Google classroom isn't perfect. One of the key issues with Google Classroom is that it is very difficult for teachers to transfer grades assigned on Google Classroom to their grade books. Our answer to that is to simply put our effort and money towards solving that one key issue to satisfy our teachers. This is a much better alternative to investing more money into a system that has a ton of problems that would need to be solved before it could be a satisfying experience for our students. I suggest that funds that would be allocated to maintaining Canvas be focused towards working with Google or a 3rd party software developing team to help our teachers out.

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