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Create anti-bullying policy enumerating protection for LGBTQ students

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School is a very important structure that shapes much of who we become as adults. A safe and affirming school environment is crucial to success for a student. However, LGBTQ students or students perceived to be LGBTQ face struggles everyday relating to bullying or the use of inappropriate language or slurs. Approximately 30% of LGBTQ students have missed an entire day of school to avoid being victimized further by their peers.

As a student of Manassas City Public Schools (MCPS) since 2000, I have noticed that there is an extensive amount of anti-LGBTQ bullying present in the schools. Especially prominent is the use of anti-LGBTQ language or slurs that have become commonplace, such as "queer", "fag/faggot", "homo", "dyke", and "that's so gay", among others. Not a day has passed in which I have not heard these offensive words and phrases. Many teachers, staff, or administrators do not address anti-LGBTQ language, slurs, or bullying. For LGBTQ students or students perceived to be LGBTQ such as myself, this creates an unwelcome school environment and a school climate that does not entirely support LGBTQ students.

Please send a message to the MCPS School Board that an enumerated, comprehensive anti-policy that extends protections to students bullied on the basis of their actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity is necessary for a safe and productive school environment for all students. It is essential that students be involved in the creation of such a policy so that the most accurate amount of protection for students be ensured.  A safe and affirming school for all students is a necessity for a school's productivity.  Please help MCPS even more productive by making all students feel comfortable in their school environment.

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