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have teachers allow backpacks again.

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     On September 14th, McNeel Intermediate School enforced a rule to ban backpacks. This could be an inconvenience for a majority of the students. There are a few reasons why I believe this rule should be discontinued.

     First of all, many more students could be late to their classes. It would be a lot more beneficial for the student to carry around a bag instead of having to keep everything in their locker, regarding the fact that they could forget things easily as school can be stressful, especially for children.

     Not having a bag will not be very efficient, it would definitely waste time as the student has to visit their locker a lot more often instead of having easy access to their belongings. If bags are not permitted, this could also waste a lot of money. Parents have paid for their children's bags to take to school but if they are banned then that money is wasted.

     The reason behind all of this, is that according to the teachers backpacks are safety hazards. We've had backpacks for 8+ years and they've never been a problem until now. If people will so-called, "trip over them," we can put them under our chairs or desks and then people won't be able to. 

     In the end, all we want is the rule to be changed and for the principals and teachers to actually take this into consideration.

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