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MCMexpo: Raise awareness of appropriate behaviours at expo (asking for consent)

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Awareness needs to be raised on what is deemed appropriate or socially acceptable behaviour at MCMexpo. Globally there are a number of campaigns on issues of consent at conventions; people have been hit, explicitly photographed, glomped (a flying hug) and touched without consent (including sexual harassment).

Therefore we would like MCMexpo to promote the asking of consent for any contact with attendees of the convention (including cosplayers). This needs to include photographic consent (for pictures of someone's costume, clothing, personal belongs or body that cannot be proved to be a general photo of the 'crowd') and consent for physical contact (including glomping, assault, sexual harassment, and touching/hitting people with paddles, weapons or other objects). This petiton has been set up as a result of many forum discussions within which many real-life experiences have been shared. Unfortunately these things happen and we'd like to try and stop it.

In order to raise awareness we suggest posters, stickers, signs (signs at the entrance has been suggested) or other promotional objects at the event (for example free printed infromation provided by MCM at the door such as guides which explains clear inappropriate behaviour that is not acceptable). The reason for this 'promotion' is so that people know the 'rules' of acceptable behaviour and people who experience something they are not happy with can feel confident to challenge or report it!

Wearing a costume, or even just attending an event, do not equal consent and this message needs to be spread! This is not about alienating members of expo it's about respect for each other.

As con-goers and cosplayers we need to do our bit helping this cause (one way of doing this is through promotion), we hope the organisers get on board too!

Please note, this is not a personal attack on any event or the organisers just a way of asking for more awareness!

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