An appeal to McMaster University to reconsider the tuition fees for the session of 2020-21

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Taking into account the present conditions due to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent concerns raised by the currently enrolled students and the incoming Class of 2024, McMaster University released an official statement on June 10, 2020 detailing potential questions regarding the fees for the academic year 2020-21.

It is a universally acknowledged fact that people invest in online education because it’s relatively cheaper in all aspects. McMaster University in its statement, however, maintains an opposing stance insisting that moving the courses online costs if not more, the same.

While we appreciate the fact that the university is trying to do its best in every aspect and we respect all the staff and administration that will work tirelessly to provide the best experience possible, it’s unfair to say that online education is equal to traditional in-person education. Students want to pay for something that is fair, not something that obliterates their economic condition during this pandemic. 

This year, for instance, faculties like Engineering oversaw a significant increase in their tuition fees. It is evident that it’s not possible for the university to provide hands-on experience for such programs online and similarly students shouldn’t be expected to pay for something they won’t receive.

The university fails to acknowledge that we all are in this together and forgets to take into account that there are international students who have been struggling all along to pay their hiked tuition fees. With the global economy in shambles and a probable recession underway, it should be taken into consideration that expecting students to pay thousands of dollars for virtual education which is seemingly cost-efficient would be exceedingly unfair.

The purpose of this petition is not to dictate or accuse the university in any manner. We are the Class of 2024, and we want to be a part of the university as much as the university wants us to be its part. Our purpose is to bring into light the plight of all incoming students and to highlight how severely impacted the international students belonging to third world countries would be with this decision.

Therefore, it is our humble request to McMaster University to reconsider the current situation from a student’s perspective and to perhaps reach a decision that would be more favorable for the students under the given circumstances.