An appeal to McMaster University to reconsider the tuition fees for the session of 2020-21

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Update from macengsociety, "WE'VE HEARD YOUR CONCERNS"!

A few hours ago, macengsociety society posted an update on their Instagram feed that they have decided to take action and work with MSU and other faculty societies to reduce the ancillary fees, allocate funds to support the development of new resources for their students and reduce MES fees by 15%.

"We've received a number of messages from students concerned that tuition will be charged in full for the upcoming Fall semester, despite the drastic changes being made in an effort to convert our courses to remote formats. We want you to know that we've heard your concerns, and we've worked with the Faculty, the University, the MSU, and other Faculty Societies to ensure that our students are treated fairly given this unprecedented situation. Read our statement to find out how the MES is advocating for your rights as students."

This is a major victory, and we highly appreciate the macengsociety for doing this for us! 

infinite regrets
12 months ago