Remove CSSA from the MSU of McMaster University

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This club (not to be confused with the CSA) has violated individual freedom and infringed upon free speech rights, suppressing information about the persecution of a religious minority, and they are still an MSU club.

The CSSA colluded with a foreign government to help them achieve their objective of suppressing free speech.

We are very proud that McMaster University is open to free speech. Of course, this is to the extent that free speech does not become hate speech, calling for violence or undue harm.

Last year, the McMaster Muslim's Student Association organized a talk with Rukiye Turdush to speak about the internment of Uighurs, an ethnic minority in China, whose faith is predominantly Islam. The Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) and 4 other student groups on McMaster campus were essentially trying to disturb the talk because it criticized China's government and their attempt to do so involved contacting the Chinese consulate in Toronto.

The actions of these clubs are not tolerable on McMaster campus and we who have signed this petition humbly request that the MSU looks into this issue, and penalizes these clubs for their actions. The MSU should not fund clubs responsible for the suppression of free speech and should reconsider where their priorities lie.

Ratified by the MSU, CSSA and the other 4 clubs referenced above are suppressing information about the persecution of a religious minority. If another club decides to suppress information about other social justice issues, would the MSU enable them too?