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Ban or Address The Misuse of Free Hug Signs At MCM Glasgow

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In recent years a trend of carrying signs labeled "Free Hugs" has blew up.

Initially it was a positive thing to allow bonding between fellow attendees to be able to initiate conversations with people who were otherwise to shy to do so however it has become something of a breach of personal space lately.

I have read countless stories and posts of people being ran up to and hugged by strangers when they never gave consent to, never asked and then were made extremely uncomfortable by this unwanted contact. When people would refuse a hug sometimes they were verbally abused by the sign holder. In a time where we are slowly moving forward in society when it comes to respecting space and respecting consent etc it's sad to see at a place that is supposed to be inclusive and supportive we are seeing a trend of misconduct.

People are being made to not want to attend an event they are passionate about and this is not ok. It shouldn't take a large media situation to cause this change which it likely will build towards if left unchecked like a lot of things in society do. A fad that if gone will not have a serious negative effect on mcm but a positive one, it should be an easy decision to either ban these signs or make it clear how they are to be used and breaching those rules should result in being removed from the event.

People can still show passion and love to fellow attendees without these signs and even ask for hugs, they don't need a sign to ask for a hug that can be used as a means of non consensual physical contact. They are not needed and are now becoming a reason that people are wanting to not attend so I feel that change has to be made and these signs need to be banned or rules put in place for their use to help protect those people who can't bring themselves to say no or speak up when made to feel uncomfortable. 

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